Friday, April 26, 2019

The Falls Of Lora

This is a place called Connel. It's famous for the Falls Of Lora.
She did not fall, and she wasn't called Lora.

This is  the  Connel bridge . It's quite impressive.

This is a very stupid dog who thought she could walk on floating seaweed.
She is not impressive.
She caused a memory card incident but He managed to save the images on it once he got a) a big computer b) a memory stick c) some sellotape d) a dry dog

This is the slip way the stupid dog fell off of.

Seemingly this sign means something. I thought it was hysterical but the confined space register is about..... confined spaces. Like narrow bore sewers, mines etc- all to do with the build up of noxious gases and getting out. Rescue services know about them.
But I still think it's funny.

The water makes interesting patterns

You can start to see  it on the far side of the water.

Like a huge shoal of fish

Or some manatees with a bad sat nav.

Then there is this...

The Falls Of Lora

Loch Etive is flowing down from the right...or trying to

The tidal waves from the ....sea?...  on the left... have a wee donner up and run right into the loch water coming down.

 the folk in this house should be in a novel,  with their view of the every changing power struggle in the water below.

 a large whirlpool formed right in front of us, it made a horrible sucking noise.
 As some relative of mine lost his fishing boat down the Corryvechan, I ran away  at this point. Just in case   they have a vendetta against Ramsays.

Across the inlet.

At times there is a 1.5 metres height difference between the loch and the sea  which creates the phenomenon. We saw it at it's weakest. At it's strongest it can form a bore wave that will run  up the loch. There's a website that lists, very precisely, the tidal times of greatest disparity   of the waters so canoeists, surfers and folk who like getting very cold and wet can enjoy themselves.
We will keep an eye on it and if we get the chance, go up and do what intrepid bloggers should do. (photograph it)

If you look at a map of Scotland....
you can clearly see the scar of water that nearly divides the country . Connel is at the lower left hand side of that just as the sea water narrows to go inland.

 we saw this, no idea how to pronunce that.


Caro Ramsay  26 04 2019

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  1. Alas (or better, Hi Lass) you're making me want to return to Scotland. I say "me" because Barbara would switch her ticket from Athens to Glasgow in a heartbeat. Perhaps I could move the little house by the whirlpool onto an Aegean island and...nah, it would never work, because the Aegean has no tides. Barbara will be so terribly disappointed.