Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Week Life in Pictures


Sorry to be a bit late in posting this, but in cataloging my week I wanted to include a photo or two from my final California event, and it ended close to midnight East Coast time. But there’s a bigger reason than the three-hour time difference.  It appears I booked us into San Diego’s “cage fighting” hotel. Yes, mixed martial arts cage fighting. And tonight was an event, complete with cheek to jowl traffic.

I wish I could have taken photos of the crowd to show you, but I decided that might lead to a literal embodiment of the phrase, “fighting through a crowd.”

Anyway, we made it to our room and now I can show you how a book tour degenerates over nine days of north-to-south West Coast driving, interrupted at times by mudslides, meditation moments, and wild-eyed fan fests.

Bye Bye Big Sur

Though some might argue it’s more in keeping with how a degenerate goes on a nine-day book tour. I guess you’ll have to ask my inveterate photo-bomber for clarification.
Anyway, here are the photos. Words fail me.

As mentioned last week, it all begins in Berkeley at Janet Rudolph's with Cara

The kickoff bookstore event in Corte Madera (San Francisco)

Mykonian friends reminding me why I love the island so.

San Francisco friends doing the same for the Bay Area

And of course family.
Reflections on the meaning of it all

Answered by meeting friends in Carmel.

And pondering the vast wilderness of Big Sur

Shared with the right least in my case

Crossing California's Central Valley in the foot steps of a Giant...the one in the background.

To get to Pasadena and Vroman's

Yep, that's the famous Tiny 

The after party

Laguna Beach holds surprises....and old friends

But there's still work to do

And Orange's Book Carnival

Plus moments of self-realization along the way

To San Diego's Mysterious Galaxy

The End...for now



  1. Looks like a lot of fun, Jeff! Isn't that what it's all about?

    1. I always did like your touring rockstar attitude toward life, Michael. :)

  2. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  3. Why wasn't Barbara climbing over that rock slide. I'd think she'd be very determined to see Big Sur after all that time hanging out with Little Sir... Sounds like a great trip, although it didn't start QUITE far enough north.

    1. I tried, EvKa, but a store that shall remain nameless only wants books within a month or two of their release date for events, claiming "stale books" don't sell. I'd love to give them the sales numbers of the stores that did book the events, but that would not be very diplomacy was once precticed In our country.

  4. Congratulations,Jeff. You've set a new record! Sixteen author photographs in one blog!! :}

    1. Good point, Stan, though it's really 17, and as most show only a partial head shot, I think it should only count as ten. :)

  5. I tapped the screen just at the wrong moment and the entire monitor was full of Jeff's visage. I am going to have a lie down.