Friday, July 1, 2016

Post Brexit and beyond...

I am so fed up with this blog. Not the MIE blog. Today’s blog. I am trying to write it at Thursday 30th of June at one minute past  one but every time I type a sentence, I  have to delete it or tweak as something else has just happened. Just for the record, I was a remain!

So this blog might turn out just to be a snapshot of this moment in the space time continuum. Oh no, wait a mo.
                                            Boris with hair

Boris Johnson has just pulled out of the Tory leadership race. That is a huge loss. To no one.
 So I hope we can disregard the part of the blog that would relate to concerns arising amongst the ‘leavers’ that they had been conned into voting to leave by the casual racism that has been passing for politics in the run up to all this. They ( the decent ones anyway ) have realised that they were aligning themselves with Boris Johnson ( who had promised Nigel Farage a seat in his cabinet if he was elected PM.) and how dangerous that could be. But maybe the Tory party also realised just  how dangerous that would be, and told him  where to go.  As  I write this Theresa May and  Michael Gove  are now in the running. I  don’t  know anybody who likes either of them, but Gove nearly wrecked our education system and May doesn’t have the best record on human rights…. So I would like somebody else to have a go at leadership. Like my dog. … by the end of this blog you never know.
                                                      Donald with hair

Scotland  voted  to stay in , and I include the link to some of the comments made on twitter  about Mr Trump coming to Turnberry and  saying how good it was we voted to  leave. David Tennant is  reading them out… they are very, very rude. I personally like the comment that called Trump,  ‘nothing but a ferret headed, wee joby guzzler’.


Nicola doing her stuff

And never forget how Scotland under Salmond danced to Trump's tune….
Nicola Sturgeon, bless her bunions, has tried to make  Scotland do something positive. Along with  Northern Ireland and  Gibraltar ( who voted  90% to remain ) and are rather nervy about Spain  waggling its little finger in a kind of come hither way. So the Scots, the Irish and the Gibs might form a federal stare consisting of sensible people that could be part of the EU but allied to the UK. As Iceland is at the moment. But having the Irish and the Scots in the same team? They would just fight like kids, teddy  would be well out the pram,  songs would be sung, battle lines redrawn, everybody would get drunk, decide to love each other and wake up with a massive hangover. On a daily basis.
Then we would apply to become part of Iceland.  2-1. Oh the mighty England. Out of Europe twice in one week…
                                       A blond ferret!

But there is a slightly more serious issue. Northern Ireland voted against leaving. They voted  in  the polar position to  ‘England’. They wish to remain in the EU. The south of course is in the EU and is not going anywhere. The demand  for Irish passport applications was so high on the Friday after the  vote they ran out of forms. And that situation could  fuel the flames of those who are in favour of a united Ireland, and don’t care too much what they have to do to get it
Nicola Sturgeon  is at least is running around and trying to make something of it. She of all of the leaders  seems to be the only one acting as a leader. But she too, has a scared look in her eyes. She is going to put herself in the same position that Cameron  did, putting her career on the line for a second referendum in less than two years. If that one goes the same way as the first…. Mmmmm
If .. is a very big word.

 And Wales voted to leave then realised  what a huge amount of money they receive from the EU social fund.  They then thought that a Tory govt led by Johnson was going to hand them British tax payers money directly to make up the shortfall (Good luck with that as a plan ).  Wales now want money out of Scotland  via a Barnett  formula recalculation. And we do keep saying how well off we are in Scotland … but only after we borrow a huge load of dosh off the Chinese… and even more money now the  price of oil has fallen through the floor.

 Corbyn is facing all kinds of revolts but is  aggressively  holding onto his position, despite death threats and other madness as in reality, nobody has a bad word to say about this man, simply that he is too nice to be a leader, too conscientious.

I was talking to day to somebody a professor of politics who I like arguing with. He quoted a saying that  ‘the English are bred to be stupid and the Scots are bred to be subservient’.  And we had a bit of a chat about that. ( I am being a little euphemistic there ). But there is a huge portion of English society that seem to be ripe for the manipulation from certain aspects of the media. They believed that black people were coming here from the EU. They are told that all immigrants are lazy non workers who are only here for our benefits and to use our NHS.  All Muslims are terrorists and are migrants from the EU. And other crap that I can’t be bothered repeating as it is so  ludicrous.

 As to the comment about the Scots. Maybe there is some truth in that. Do we like to be subservient? I  think we like  somebody to fight against and to blame when it goes wrong. Look at our voting pattern in the last three public votes!!

So I am looking on the bright side as I cant be arsed giving it any more brain power to work out what is going on. I think there is a lot of right – as in proper not as in wing and got a fright when they saw a flash of right wing extremism that seemed to flare and burn… but found no wood to feed on and it went out.  There have been nasty flashes of racism,  by those thinking they had received carte blanche by the result.. and guess what they haven’t. Many ‘leavers’ have come out and said they had no issues with migration. They had sound economic reasons for voting to  leave and are distancing themselves from the  migrant argument.

At the end of the day, this is all we have. 

So we need to live in tolerance and get on with it.  

News just in- a third of the SNP part members voted to leave. Nicola is saying that is a mandate for a second indy ref. I'll leave you to think about  that ... Ali and I will be in the bar!

Caro Ramsay Planet Earth 1st July 2016


  1. Subservient, hey? This I've gotta see...

    Not sure if I'm happy to be living in the U.S. and not the U.K. I'll let you know after November...

    However, I *am* happy to be living...

  2. The most discouraging fact I have heard: The day after the Brexit vote, the number one Google search in the UK was "What is the EU?" They voted against it before they knew what it was!

    I wonder, when I ponder that fact, how much the Agent Orange* supporters here in the USA know about Free Trade. They cheer Trump when he condemns it. Do they understand that banishing it will not being back coal mining jobs? Thank heavens my work requires me to keep my head as much as possible in the fictional past. 1913, here I come.
    *The epithet that our fabulous MIE emeritus author, Tim Hallinan has assigned to the Donald!

  3. Well all I can say- after more political shenanigans today is that, if you don't like what's going on at the moment- something different will be along in a minute. And with all the Somme remembrance commemorations going on, young men who died for freedom and a united Europe, I think the mood has changed to silent reflection. What happens now, should go forward with a degree of dignity.