Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Playing Petanque in Paris

Drink a Pastis and it's like in the south. Yet we are indeed in Paris and here's two fun places to play petanque. And hit the bar as locals do. Whether you call it pétanque or boules, the traditional French game with the shiny silvery balls has made a comeback. It used to be the only people you'd see playing in were old men in berets sipping pastis. Now everyone plays, particularly Parisian hipsters -les BoBo's- who don't have to worry about breaking a sweat.
The Bar Ourcq Nestled in the 19th district, the Bar Ourcq offers not only Djset and exhibitions but also the opportunity to play bocce, provided you bring your own equipment, or rely on the kindness of the locals. The Bar Ourcq 01 42 40 12 26 68 Quai de la Loire - 19th More information here.  
the Nice Restaurant, bar, bowling inside the bars ... Nice offer a true Niçoise and Mediterranean cuisine with fresh products 100% and 100% processed. This bar is also emerging as a haunt of musicians, filmmakers or photographers ... go to see friends, not to be seen. the Nice 09 84 16 55 03 7 Lacharrière Street - 11th Cara - Tuesday


  1. I remember when I first moved to NYC there was a restaurant in midtown east that had a bocci/boules "court" right in the middle of the restaurant! I doubt it's still there...owners are too concerned about increasing "covers." But it's nice to know there are still places in Paris, even though getting there from midtown might be a bit delayed.

  2. Cara, thanks for bringing back so many memories. I have played boules in Provence and bocci in Paterson, New Jersey. The game was the same. The behavior of the participants during play EXACTLY the same. The Italian immigrants who taught us to play as children in NJ wore fedoras, drank red wine, and smoked DiNobili cigars. The men in St. Denis wore berets, drank pastis, and smoked Gaulloise. They all spoke heavily accented English to us. The accents differed only slightly. Otherwise the men were identical.