Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Bit of Greek Humor to Take Away the Bite


There really isn’t much uplifting news to report out of Greece these days, aside of course from today’s visit by Pope Francis to the Aegean island of Lesbos in a sign of solidarity with the refugees seeking sanctuary in Europe, and in support of the Greek people who’ve responded with such extraordinary personal generosity to the innocents caught up in the mess. 

Pope Francis with Refugees in Italy

It’s heartening to see The Pope expressing thanks to Greeks for being on the right side of events there, but utterly disheartening when we realize that so much of Europe is neither thanking nor on the right side, and that Greece must yet contend with those same European Union attitudes if it is to find resurrection from its depressing financial abyss.

So, rather than droning on about what confronts Greece on so many fronts, permit me to share with you a bit of uniquely Greek humor. Unique I say, because it brings Greek gods into play in jokes I lifted directly from

What game did the Greek Gods play?
Hydra and go seek.

What did the Ancient Greeks wear on their feet?
Tennis Zeus.

How do Greek women get ready for a toga party?
With A Hera appointment.

Have you seen the movies about Greek Mythology?
No? Well you odyssey them.

What do you call a musician petrified by Medusa?
A rockstar.

Why doesn't Aphrodite date tennis players?
Because love means nothing to them.

What did Poseidon say to the sea monster?
What's Kraken?

Why does Ares only have a Sony Playstation?
Because he is the "God Of War."

Who did Artemis invite to her birthday party?
Her nearest and deer-est friends.

What breed of horse was the Trojan horse?
A nightmare.

What do you call the Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie about the Greek Bailouts?
The Last Action Gyro.

And punny you should ask, but yes, now you know why I have such an affinity for Greece. :)



  1. I hesitate to post a comment at all, for fear of encouraging you further. But then, I realized, you don't NEED any encouragement, you're the original self-starting punster. The problem is, no one can find the OFF switch.

    1. Thank God you're restrained EvKa. Or is it restrung?

    2. I believe the term you're looking for is 'unstrung.'

  2. Jeff, I love the one about Medusa! And though I gave up Catholcism decades ago, I HAVE to say: I LOVE Pope Francis!

    1. Hard not to love someone who brings real character to a leadership role in today's world!

  3. Lots of smiles (and groans) from here. Yes, and Pope Francis is one of a kind and a pleasure to see.

    1. Glad I could make you smile (partly) and you gained pleasure from the Holy See.

  4. Groans here, too, but in a good way, smiles to nearly all the puns.
    Had to give myself a Minotaur more to write an answer.
    Agree on Greece, but am worried about the migrants being forced to go to Turkey to an unknown fate. What a world! Desperate people fleeing war have no futures, no way out. And their children, too.

    1. Uhh, was your "no way out" meant as some sort of link to your "Minotaur" reference. If so, I apologize for the contagious affect of my sense of humor, Kathy D. :)

  5. Well, some of those made me Perseus my lips, Jeff...

  6. Jeff,

    Amusing and truly groan worthy. No doubt the Immortals are turning over in their..whatever it is they turn over in. ;)

    1. Thanks, Barry. By the way, in answer to your question on the immortals--drunken partying types that they were--I'd suspect they turn over in their biers.

      More groaning is now heard coming from the Far East.

  7. Jeff, put on your Nikes, and RUN, don't walk to the Met's new Pergamon exhibition. It is STUNNING.

    1. For sure I bet it beats the Pokéman exhibit in EvKa's attic.

    2. Maybe, but I would travel across the continent to that one.

    3. Yes, traveling to see EvKa does bring to mind incontinent.

    4. First: What t'ell have you been doing in my attic?
      Second: How t'ell did you escape with your mind? (Oh, right, can't lose what you never had...)