Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Paris and France from above

If you're headed to France this week it might get rough. It's that time of year and several strikes are happening. Here's a way to go above all that in these amazing satellite photos from the French national institute of geographic and forestry information. The Iron Lady casts a long shadow.
Visit the Louvre from above
Mont St. Michel and not even get your feet wet Versailles without the lines!
If you go remember the air traffic controllers are scheduled to strike so check on flights, Uber has again riled up the Paris taxi drivers so they might be burning tires again, the farmers are steamed up and there could be a tractor barricade. Vive la France Cara - Tuesday


  1. The first new French word I picked up the one and only time I was able to visit Paris thirty years ago was, predictably: grève. Plus ça change ... -- Mario R.

  2. Cara, I have to hide your posts from Barbara. She's all over me that we return to her favorite City. I said will will, right after Pittsburgh.