Friday, November 6, 2015

Grantown revisted

It was Grantown again and I was let loose with my wee daft camera.  Douglas Skelton, who has guest blogged for us, is a very talented photographer so I wanted to put my efforts on Facebook to make him look talented.

                                                               Here is a house. 

And how spooky does it look in dramatic monochrome. I think my soul is the colour of dramatic monochrome.

The black and white house is certainly more scary than the window of the Scottish Hydro Electric's  couple of white sheets draped over a coat hanger.

The wee bookshop where it all happens.

Yes there is an entire shop devoted to nothing but shortbread.  But their Halloween effort wasn't all that convincing.

The signpost to Tomintoul, which is always the first road in Scotland to be blocked by snow.   Once you hear that on the news you know winter is here.

The church in pretty pastels.

Becomes some Goth horror when in dramatic monochrome.

The other wee church as it is.

And then it fades to sepia.

Like a lot of local houses here on one side of the front door is the living room and the other side of the front door is the pavement it’s great for looking in folks’ windows.

I wonder how many kilt makers go past here?

Grantown High Street 5pm.

The street scene with big tree.

The same scene with a special button on.

The big posh hotel in Grantown.

Do you think it’s a wee bit drafty here … do you see what I did here?

Picture box pretty.

A nice wee hut in colour.

Becomes a body deposition site in black and white.

With a wee touch of The Waltons when it goes into sepia.

The big church … it is common for Scottish villages to have an awful lot of churches.

The same place with miniature effect.

And a rather pleasing highpoint colour.

The snug in the hotel.

At the first event which was in a coffee house wee Marjory is four feet ten and that is her standing up.  The authors are Graham Macrae Burnet, Shirley McKay and Shona MacLean.


Marjory trying  to bring  order to the coffee house... and failing.

Graham Macrae Burnet trying  to ignore the wee pink posy.

Books for sale

                                        Shona MacLean who had a very famous uncle...

Cakes and coffee being steadily devoured...

Shirley waxing lyrical on Scotland, the plague and 1587 or thereabouts...

Back to the snug

On the road home, the real colours

The road out,

The last picture of Grantown

I don't have any pictures of me doing anything as my faithful photographer was on Halloween uncle duty!!

Caro Ramsay 06/11/2015


  1. Lots of lovely pictures, but as far as I can tell from the evidence, Grantown has more churches than cars.

  2. Thank you, Caro, for reminding me that I could change my entire outlook on life with the flick of a little monochrome/sepia button. However, I fear it will do nothing to make Scotland's highways wider.