Monday, September 21, 2015

Murder in Brooklyn: BBF 2015

This annual celebration of the book is open to the public, free of charge.
On a gorgeous day like the one we had yesterday, it draws tens of thousands,
making it the largest public book fest in New York.

I organized the appearance of MWA-NY writers and arrived before our crew
to get things set up and ready

The first authors took their places at 10:30 AM: Terrance McCauley, Rich Trachman, and Bill Syken

The venue is just over the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan.  The throngs
started building early.

Kickoff photo

Charles Salzburg, Rich Zahradnik, and Scott Adlerberg, with me and my fellow
volunteer--Jeff Markowitz in the background.  

The villain of the piece was a food truck.  You can see it in the background
of just about every shot.  It ran its motor, emitting lots of noise and fumes.

Some of the visitors were happy for the noodle truck.  It went on all day.

We had a good time anyway--Gray Basnight, Sheila York, and Nina
Mansfield.  That's fellow volunteer Linda Frank looking on at the right. 

Journalist-mystery writers Dick Belsky and Nancy Bilyeau, with
Tim O'Mara getting ready to serve the refreshments.
We had all the beverages that begin with W: water, wine, and whiskey.

I took my turn along with Wendy Corsi Staub.

Me, Wendy, and Lyndsay Faye.
They are great writers and lovely friends.

Blue sky and lots of enthusiastic readers, what could be better.  The crowds kept up until the end.

For me it was a ten hour day outdoors, and I am finishing this post up at nearly midnight.  Nighty night is all I can add right now.

Annamaria - Monday


  1. Water, wine, whiskey, but no whinging, I trust. Well, there was that food truck... Looks like it was a beautiful day and a wonderful time!

    1. EvKa, there was a lot of whining about the food truck. Today, my first writing assignment is a letter of complaint. Otherwise, it was glorious.

  2. You all look to be having such a wonderful time that all you needed to make it perfect were if the food truck were "El Jefe" of "Chef" fame. :)

    1. Oh, for a Cuban sandwich and no CO fumes!!

      The only thing that could have made the tribal gathering more fun, would have been to have you there....of course, that is because then La Zilly would have been among us!!!

    2. We'd have come straight from the airport...haggis and all. :)

  3. That event looks fantastic fun Annamarie! And Jeff, I thought we were keeping the haggis smuggling a secret!

  4. I find it hard keeping exciting moments secret...especially when you're involved. :)

    1. Now we are haggling over haggis? There is no end to the joys of Murder Is Everywhere!

  5. Wish I could have been there! Would love to see you again. Doing the MWA table at BEA with you was so much fun!

    1. Suzanne, how nice to see you but briefly here. BEA is in Chicago next year, and I am not sure I will make it. Come to the MWA brunch in NYC on October 3rd. I would love to see you there.

    2. I wish I could but my daughter has soccer. Soon, I will be in the city again--I promise!

    3. I wish I could but my daughter has soccer. Soon, I will be in the city again--I promise!