Tuesday, September 8, 2015

end of summer hodge podge or in French un meli-melo

I'm just back from the Decatur Book Festival, a Georgia peach if there ever was one. This celebrated the 10th year of this homegrown, bookshop spun festival complete with mega authors in old Baptist presbytery's and Court houses built during the Civil War. Or rebuilt afterwards, and lots of grits and biscuits.
Here's my fan girl moment with Pat Conroy (Prince of Tides, The Great Santini etc). As he stood at the hotel check in desk and he said 'Pat Conroy' I gaped and got all fan girl. Such a friendly down to earth guy who said 'sure, let's do a selfie and you can tell me where my wife and I should stay in Paris.

Here's a menu:
Lots of book related arts, emerging young writers stages, kids stages, and of course,
I added that for Susan. 
The old Courthouse at night - imagine the humidity, the evening still hot and crickets and authors behaving well, as authors do in the bars on the square.
I really recommend you visit Decatur Book Festival some Labor Day...it's great to spend a weekend in a little town where people celebrate the book and LOVE to read.
Now to the mèli melo. Here I'm having a good time sitting on our Tim's lap while he and Lisa were busy being serious this summer at Janet Rudolph's at home. 

Ok off to Paris soon. 
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Boy, I don't know. I've always greatly admired The Man, Timothy Hallinan, but to see him apparently completely oblivious of you sitting on his lap... I just don't know. I may have to rethink the caps on The Man.

  2. :) EvKa he invited me to sit on his lap + got involved with his serious fans..

  3. Cara, I was feeling envious when I got to the grits and biscuits, but then Pat Conroy? And Tim and Lisa and you all in the same room???? I may have make chicken and dumplings for dinner just to console myself.

  4. Tim Hallinan is one of life's absolute gems, and it sounds like the Decateur Book Festival is another.