Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The worst day at the ballpark...

(is better than the best day at the office, etc.)

I decided to go to the standing room only Padres/Nationals game, mainly because of the giveaway hoodies. My mom really wanted one, and I thought they looked pretty cool and wanted one myself.

You only get one freebie per ticket. My mom loves to go to games, but she just can't do it right now.

She advised the cancer strategy. “Tell them about your sick old mother on chemo.”

I entered through the third base/outfield gate, closest to the Stone Tasting Room and also smaller and less trafficked than the other entrances. Still a long line. The game was pretty much sold out. The city is more excited about the Padres this year, and I guess a lot of people want free hoodies.

“This is going to sound like a bullshit story,” I tell the young guy handing out hoodies. “But my mom is a huge Padres fan, and she has cancer and can’t make it to the game. She really wants one of these hoodies.”

“I’m sorry,” he says. “But I can only give out one per ticket.” He smiles. “I could get in trouble.”

Oh well. I figured I'd try later, at one of the main entrances--they had to have extras. If not, she could have mine. Hey, I could always borrow it if I really wanted to wear it.

Walking next to me was a tall youngish guy wearing RayBans, another guy by his side.  

He handed me his freebie hoodie. “Here.”

“You don’t have to do that. I was going to give her mine.”

“I appreciate a good story.”

“It’s actually true.”

“And you really committed to it. I like that.”

“He doesn't need the hoodie," his friend said. "He considers himself a man of the road, with few attachments.” 

“Well in that case, I promise to work on my long con,” I said.

“And tell your mom has a lovely daughter,” said the guy in the RayBans. 

Thank you, Man of the Road with Few Attachments. I told my mom this story, and you made her night. Mine too, pretty much.

The hoodies, by the way, are really cute.

On the China-related front, Chinese netizens can't help but notice that Rihanna's Met Gala dress looks a lot like jianbing. Jianbing are one of my favorite Chinese street foods. Sort of a cross between a crepe and a breakfast burrito. 

ETA: For those curious…The Hoodie! 

Lisa…every other Wednesday...


  1. I just love the jianbing-dress comparison. And the hoodie story. Well done.

  2. Lisa, what Stan the said! The article online about what people wore to the Met gala was also amusing. Regarding the hoodies, padres have been wearing hoodies since St. Francis, as far as I know. I picture a Padres hoodie in a certain shade of brown, and worn with a knotted robe at the waist. It's a fashion statement that has stood the test of time--from the 12th century until now. I doubt the jianbing-dress idea will make it till the end of June.
    Your post as brightened my morning. I only wish I was having an actual jianbing with my cappuccino.

  3. I was going to post a photo of the hoodie but didn't quite get around to it. It's like a really nice, soft, long-sleeved T-shirt, with a hood!

  4. You're quick, Lisa, I was going to ask where the pic of the hoodie was, but you beat me to it. :-) Loved the video of the jianbing being cooked. A spinning hot grill, who'da'thunk? What's the crispy thing they put in the middle?

  5. Was the man of the road with few attachments...Jack Reacher?

  6. Replies
    1. especially when it's paired with chili sauce!

  7. That's awesome! I love stories like that, especially when they work out so well.

  8. I'm going to try a variation on your pitch when I head to Munich next weekend..."My grandmother's Greek and would really like 7.2 billion euros."

    Great story, Lisa.