Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Meanwhile in Tucson

While most of our compadres - except for Jeff, Annamaria, Zoe, and Jorn, were in Portland for Left Coast Crime - I was at the Tucson Festival of the Book this weekend. I missed seeing Lisa, cheering Tim winning the AWARD and meeting Everett! But all was not lost.

Here's the fundraising for literacy concert held on Friday night with the Rock Bottom Remainders (a motley crew of writers with dubious musical skill as they say themselves who sometimes includes member Stephen King) - on the left is Mitch Ablom's wife, a killer singer, Ridley Pearson and Dave Berry.
 Here's Greg Iles on guitar and Amy Tan dressed as a dominatrix singing 'These boots were made for Walking' which brought the house down! She pulled out a whip, too.
The crowd joined in singing and dancing. Lots of fun and for their encore song 'Gloria' they called some writers onto to the stage to sing back up and hit tamborines. I got called and felt for 3 minutes a rock star. Imagine singing back up to Amy Tan!
 Here we're at the Sisters in Crime booth with local artist and writer Judy and Kent Krueger.
 Here's my book touring duo - Libby Fischer Hellmann and Kent Krueger with Joyce Carol Oates in the background on her iPhone...really photobombing Libby and Kent.
 A big surprise visit from my editor Juliet Grames' warm and supportive family: her Aunt, her Dad and her Mom...wow I think I've met all her relatives now except the ones in Italy.
 Amazing Tucson tamales - blue corn and to die for.
 Drinking at the bar with Michael McGarrity, my dear friend Diane, a local and a Western writer, sorry I forgot his name.
 At our panel moderated by Libby - Old World Intrigue with Olen Steinhauer and Valerie Plame, former CIA operative who was outed by the Bush Administration, you remember her, right?
Olen trying to buy tickets out of Tucson for his family while Valerie is presented with the quilt of courage from Veterans' families.
And a wonderful box of macaroons from Susan, a Tucson friend we've made over the years going to the festival, a treat à la Française 
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Your post makes me so sad I couldn't be in Tucson this year, Cara. I loved my last visit, and I was invited to take part this time, but with going to Love Is Murder and Bouchercon I needed to squeeze in some writing at some point! Those tamales look delicious. I'm going to show my ignorance now -- do you unwrap the outer part or eat the whole lot?

  2. Now I'm torn between who had the most fun this weekend! (Well, not really, but I'm trying to be nice... :-) Sounds like you had a great time! You probably had more sun, but I'm sure we had more rain. Wait, this isn't a competition. We ALL had fun (well, except for Zoë), and THAT is the most important thing! Hope you found a whole bunch of new fans!

  3. You met Valerie Plame???? NOW I'm jealous! Sorry we missed each other, Cara -- Tucson looks like it was a blast!

  4. You really know how to throw a party, Cara. Now I can say I missed two terrific good times. Lucky me. :((