Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's publication day for Murder on the Champs de Mars!

 Murder on the Champs de Mars comes out today! Please excuse the shameless and brazen self-promotion but this happens only once a year. So far the dogs

and cats approve
Well, at least they snooze and get comfortable on it.

Here's a video showing locations in my story with a Gypsy song:

 Reviews have come in -
“Aimée’s 15th outing is a killer, with all the suspense, all the surprise and all the Parisian flavor you’d expect from Black.”
“Delectable… another smashing and suspenseful tale.”
—BBC Culture, “Ten Books to Read in March”
Publishers Weekly
Today I'm in Washington DC at Politics and Prose Bookstore, a great Indie, who are partnering with my publisher to win a Trip to Paris. Passports updated? Bags packed? You could join me in October. Details here:
www.pariswithcara.com or here http://parisisformurder.com/

It would be great to see you and I'm hoping you'll make it to an event if it's in your 'hood:http://carablack.com/events/

Cara - Tuesday on the road


  1. Congratulations, Cara! Watch it move up the best seller lists!

  2. Congratulations Cara!
    My dog sits on my books. I wonder what she really thinks...

  3. Congratulations! What a terrific promotion! My cats usually find a way to get between my eyes and whatever I am reading. Nothing could possibly be more important to me than they are.

  4. Congratulations, Cara, on having a household filled with discerning readers! And of course, viva "Murder Champ de Mars!!"

  5. I'm not sure whether I'd prefer to have my pets sleeping on my book or sitting on my book... hmmm.

    So, all kidding aside, the book's about the first serial killer on the red planet, huh? Radical. Of course, if Jeff had written it, it would have to have been titled something like, "Ares, Killer King of the 4th Planet!" Hmm? What? Oh... it's Murder ON THE Champ de Mars. So... why would someone murder someone else ON the champion of the Red Planet? I am just SO confused.

    :-) Tous mes meilleurs voeux pour vous, Cara!

  6. Congrats, Cara. I have tweeted the good news and posted it on FB!

  7. Congratulations Cara! May this be a huge success! (Which it must be if cats and dogs can even agree on it!)

  8. Huge congratulations, Cara! Long may Aimee -- and you -- roam the dark streets of Paris!