Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Who says Paris isn't bébé friendly?

I did a lot of research for my next book in which my detective has a six month old bébé. Nuff said about that for now but researching baby friendly spots, cafes, etc. opened up a whole new world my detective would need to know if she had a little person in tow. Here's some basics. And with bébé it's usually finding a place to nurse and la Toilette.

-On the fifth floor of Galeries Lafayette department store behind l'Opera there's an area for babies and young children; a place to breastfeed, a microwave to heat up bottles or food, a changing facility and small play area.
-If you're in the 7th arrondissement at the Bon Marché department store there are great FREE publics toilets with swanky changing facilities.
-Les Bio Gosses is an organic store with everything for young parents and pregnant women.  Food, clothes, toys, games, nursing products and cosmetics. A special thing to know about this store is the hidden area upstairs, where pregnant women can rest, you can change your baby's diaper or breatfeed your baby while your older kids are playing. Les Bio Gosses is simply heaven for parents.

-Point WC on the Champs Elysées this is bathroom boutique line with designer public toilets called Point WC. Point WC are the first 'luxury' public toilets featuring a toiletries boutique and well-being services. Disinfected by staff after every visit, they guarantee cleanliness. Each cubicle is different: with 'designer' 'ethnic' or 'chic' styles' and you chose. Coffee and beverages are available and also a changing area for babies - with a towel provided at no charge - and a comfortable area for breast feeding.

-The stroller hangout, Le Poussette Café in the 9th arrondissment, it's a concept store with café and shop under one roof: Here you will find everything, in a café ambiance, if you are pregnant or have les enfants. There's fashion for children, toys, books, nursing products and bébé decorations.The Poussette Café has an extended program of happenings, everything from baby massage classes to weekend jazz brunch. Enjoy lunch with a friend and your kids can play around in the play corner. Just outside the café, you will find a great playground with facilities for the bigger ones and small children. Et voilà
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Cara, what a treasure trove for the young mother! The guide books should reprint this with a PROMINENT reference to your books, to keep maman engrossed while baby plays!

  2. Thanks Annamaria. All moms want le basics right? If you're nursing you need some bolt holes and after one too many museums it's necessary!

  3. Wow. (That's all I can say: wow.) Well, okay, I can also say, "Point WC. Wow."