Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Repost: Bunkers and Cheese

In France a land known for it's cheese of which de Gaulle once remarked 'how can anyone govern a country with 432 cheeses?

Many other pungent things lie beneath its streets besides the sewers and Metro.

Below the Gare de L'Est, the train station with railines leading to Eastern Europe lie the untouched remains of a German Bunker from the Occupation. A former command center for train operations and routing used by French railway, the German forces took it over in 1940.

Not only did they use it to monitor the trains they used it as a shelter.

This warren of tunnels, rooms dripping with moisture and rusted pipes and leftover equipment has been preserved.


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  1. Cara, you always have interesting posts about France -- from cheeses to Nazi bunkers.

    I was just telling someone about your posts about still living Resistance fighters and honoring those who have died, and more.