Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Solar New Year didn't used to be much of a thing in China, but like some other Western holidays (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Black Friday), it's become more popular, both because there are a lot more expats living in China these days, and also, for Chinese people, it's a holiday they can adapt to their own needs. Most holidays in China are centered around family and therefore, family obligations. Western holidays can be looser celebrations among friends. Because, you know, shopping. And Christmas.

The big holiday in China is Lunar New Year, otherwise known as Spring Festival, when you return home to spend time with your family. It's also one of only two long holidays in China, making it one of the best times for migrants to return home, and for internal tourism as well. Meaning that there are like a billion peoples on the road during Spring Festival and the weeks surrounding it (I know that number sounds exaggerated, but apparently it's not. Try 2 billion).

Chinese New Year is coming relatively early this cycle, on January 31, 2014, the beginning of the Year of the Horse. From what I understand, it's supposed to be a decent year, luck-wise, but one full of quick decisions, sudden changes and reversals of fortune.

So hold on tight, Murderous Ones. Grip with your knees, sit tall in the saddle, and pursue your fortunes.

And Happy New Year, both Chinese and otherwise…

Lisa…every other Wednesday...


  1. Lisa, The horse!! I have a good feeling about this! Strong, hardworking, good at getting people places. And beautiful!

  2. All right, Jeff, no more horsing around. And no more of that neighhhhhh-saying. The mane thing is to saddle up, grab your word processor by the bit, and get chomping on those new novels! Lisa says this is going to be a lucky year, so I'm hoofing it down to the 7-11 to stuff some money in the lotto machine.

    I'll keep you pony expressed...

  3. TWO billion! On the road at the same time? Sounds like LA. And Everett, I'm so happy to see you had (apparently far more than) your fair share of holiday cheer!

    1. Nope, EXACTLY my fair share. Hope you did, too! :-)

  4. Yep. I accidentally traveled during Spring Festival in 1980. I learned my lesson. It was crazy then, I can't imagine the level of insanity now!