Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Excusez-moi monsieur but is that a gun in your pocket/backpack?

There's a manhunt going on in Paris.
On Monday morning a man walked into the offices of Libération newspaper, founded by Jean Paul Sartre,  in the 3eme arrondissment in the Marais. He opened fire with a pump action shot gun, fired rounds and gravely wounded a young photographer who'd just started on his first day of work. CCTV cameras caught the shooting, the shooter walking away on foot in the Marais. In the Metro cameras show a man, the Police identify as the shooter, in several shots on the Metro platform.
An hour or so later, the shooter entered a bank at La Defense just outside Paris and shot up the lobby wounding no one. Minutes later the shooter took a driver hostage, said he had hand grenades in his bag, and made the motorist drive to the Champs Elysées. There he let the man go.  And walked away.
That's the last anyone has seen of him.
Deploying more than 400 Police to hunt and others to guard all the newspapers offices in Paris, the Chef de Police distributed photos - which have gone viral - and issued a plea for witnesses or anyone who knows him to come forward.

So far no DNA hits from the motorists car have identified him.
From the photos and video footage the Police describe him as 30-45 years of age, stocky, 1 meter 80 and European. He's wearing a baseball cap, glasses visible, jeans, khaki vest and identified as the same man who menaced a TV station the week before and was caught by CCTV cameras waiting at the tramway.
Here's the map detailing the progression and title 'A crazy shooter in Paris?'
A lone wacko with a thing against left-wing media and banks?
This morning the young photographer came out of a medically induced coma and the doctors predict he'll survive. Police have rec'd hundreds of calls. A suspect, located in the chi-chi 7th arrondissement by the Eiffel Tower was questioned until it was proved he was at a doctor's appointment in Val-de-Marne at the time of the shooting at Libération. 
Meanwhile if anyone on the Metro is seeing a bulge in a backpack they might be wondering...
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  1. Violence on the extremes of the political spectrum is beginning to boil up in EU pockets. Let's hope it remains contained and the perpetrators quickly located and captured before...