Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mystery in Marseilles and Provence

It's THE year for Marseilles which has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture. New and expanded museums, a spiffed up 'panier' the old town, and large doses of Provençal culture.
What is so cool - and there are many things ranking this year high in cooldom - is that there's a literary mystery component. The newspaper Le Marseilleise has commissioned and is hosting eleven writers and a photographer to explore Les Mysteres à la Capitale. Which means that every Friday for a year each author is publishing a short story in the paper (they each get a month). These local writers of the region highlight the 'other' Marseilles and Provence - not the
 St Tropez of yachts,  or expat vision engendered by Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence. The real essence of the region will explore mysteries "made into literature” as the program announces.
The short stories will be compiled into a book highlighting Marseilles. But get this - during the year the authors are giving readings in venues such as old convents, fruit orchards, on the streets in old Marseilles and here in the calanques - those rocky clear water inlets. I've only swam down there, but can you imagine doing a reading in this venue?
All I can say is

 And sign me up!

So inspired I called my friend Laurence who lives in la Roquefort la Bedoule - no it's the cheese but a small village near Cassis who gave me her delicieuse recipe again for tomates à la Provençal. Mine came out like this.
Not too bad but they would taste better by a calanque
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Sounds like an exciting year, Cara! Sign me up for the reading (or anything else :-) in the calanques! Beautiful!!!

  2. And I expect that in those idyllic surroundings folks will find more than enough time to wine, wine, wine.

  3. et voilà Jeff, I'd go with anything from nearby Bandol. Everett we can snorkel to the reading, ok?

  4. what a remarkable idea, and how I envy you guys those venues. Recipe for tomatoes Provencal or is that too cozy for MIE?