Saturday, July 6, 2013

Post Partum

Greetings from San Francisco!

My new book just came out a little over two weeks ago. I'm tired. I'd honestly forgotten how weird the process is. It's only my third book, but maybe it's like that whole cliche about labor --  there's a sort of amnesia that takes over, because if you remembered how painful it was, you'd never do it again.

I think this may be true.

Here's the book:
(that's my cat, Ghost!)

I'm not sure how to describe the process of being published. It's both anticlimactic and overwhelming. Writing a novel and getting it ready for publication is a big, long and complicated project. And these days, an author's work isn't done when the book is turned in, the final proof pages approved. No. You write articles. Blog posts. Do interviews. Live events. I seem to be constantly driving up and down the California coast (another trip to Los Angeles and then the next week, Lake County, for some really fun events). I like doing all this stuff. I like talking to people. But somewhere in here, I'm also supposed to be writing another book, and it's hard to find the focus and emotional energy to do it all.

You publish a book, and somewhere inside, there's this expectation that you're going to get some big accolade and recognition for it. Reviews! Rewards! Sales! Or perhaps a cookie basket, or balloon bouquet.

Instead, what I got is a deadline for another book that I'm not quite sure how I'll manage. But I guess that's the reward, too. I get to write another book.



  1. The publishing business is totally weird; nothing makes sense. It will drive you crazy if you try. Congratulations. Will start reading HOUR OF THE RAT on Tuesday, en route to Thrillerfest.

  2. Two months away from the launch of #5 and 2/3rds into #6, I feel no different, Lisa. It must be some sort masochist gene we all share...

  3. Agree with your comments. The world expects writers to churn them out like Lucy's movie chocolates and keep on keeping on. I think only another writer really really understands what you just went through! Thelma in Manhattan

  4. What Stan, Jeff, and Thelma said! I am one week behind where you are, Lisa. And YES, crazy as it is, I really want to keep my job.

  5. Sorry about the stress, but I do get to enjoy what it produces :) I just read Rock Paper Tiger and was unable to put it down. TheYear of the Rat is sitting on my shelf, and Im looking forward to it.

  6. You guys re all so awesome! Thanks for your understanding, and Lil, so glad that you enjoyed Rock Paper Tiger!