Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Now for make-believe

This morning, like every morning, I sat at my laptop.  But a feeling of postpartum - the afterbirth anguish of sending my manuscript to my editor to New York - lingers. Every time - and this is the 14th book - it's as if I've sent a child off to college in New York. I know my child will change, become leaner, smarter, deeper and tighter but there's an ache of what more could I have done to prepare, to craft, to add that one word, phrase and oh, wait I need to change the last line feeling.

But it's c'est la vie time, suck it up and move on to the next story. So I stare at these paintings above my desk and enter the world of my next book.

Some of these might find there way in the story.

I wish I could lift my leg this high.

 Definitely there will be diaper changing in the next book.
 But if I said anymore I'd have to kill you.

So it's back to climbing the staircase of the story aiming for that beautiful skylight.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. I would look for your next book anyway, but now you really have me intrigued. I like your art.

  2. Thanks, lil. My publisher wanted to use the Moulin Rouge for the cover art but the MR declined permission!

  3. The lady in the first picture has repetitive strain syndrome. The person in the forth picture has an Si joint problem on the left or a talus problem on the right. Or is the sole of their foot just itchy.
    Might be an interesting position to find the body in! :)

  4. Cara, we are at opposite end of the spectrum. I have one that just launched and I started to work on the next. Only gIimmers so far. While I slog away, I will wait patiently for # 14 and my next trip to Paris with you

  5. As I work toward the end of #6, Cara, you (once again) inspire to persevere through a period that has me feeling a lot like picture number two. By the way, is it Picasso, Braque, Gris or Leduc? I always get those guitar players confused:)

  6. :) Jeffrey a Picasso with a little flamenco guitar? felt humbled when I saw a pic on twitter of Michael Connelly at work on his laptop, with different piles of paper by his desk labelled comments by lawyers - police - so he has all these drafts that he runs by the experts...