Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I have just arrived to Bristol for Crimefest. The murder is everywhere team has a good showing and although I am way too tired at the moment to write anything worth anything I promise a round up of events this coming Monday, quick and dirty and hopefully loaded with shocking relevations. Not really, crime writers and crime readers are way too nice - I would be lucky to manage a single piece of juicy gossip. But my ears and eyes will be on amber alert. 
But before I log off I must mention that the guy at the car rental at Heathrow misunderstood my reply when he asked me where I was going and said at the end of the exchange: Good luck in finding a crimewave! Perhaps he believed me and my husband to be a new type of storm chasers, crime chasers.  
Til Monday.
Yrsa - Wednesday


  1. Hi Yrsa,
    Looking forward to seeing you later!
    If you're crime chasing, you have come to the wrong country; we can do much better for you in South Africa!

  2. Did you bring shark again Yrsa? So sorry to miss seeing you and the gang this year xo Cara