Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The approach of Eurovision

It is not strange the way time seems to speed on as if there were something of extreme urgency on the horizon? As if life was played out by an old-fashioned cassette player with the fast forward button stuck down. Everytime I look up there is one annual holiday or another a few days away, if it were not for such occasions time would totally pass by without me realising how quickly its procession.

Easter seems to have been yesterday and now they are saying the next big celebration is about to hit – namely Eurovision. This year it will be held in Sweden after they won last year with a singer named Loreen that had a good song but the moves of a hippy, her dance routine reminiscent of someone that thinks they can save the world by meditating. Or eating granola.

I admit to being a sore loser. Iceland usually deserves to win but never does. However usually is the key word. This year I think our chances are rather dismal. The song will be in Icelandic for one and the video is not winning us any points in the run-up. It tells a story that few understand – involving a guy gutting fish on a small boat and a cartoon kid that no one gets. At one point our contestant jumps into the ocean either in an attempt to commit suicide or because he is hallucinating after cutting his finger and getting a band-aid from cartoon kid. But all’s well that ends well and he gets back on board. Not really the kind of synopsis that will get you an agent now is it?
People here are not too fond of the video. Some think it is a sign, the singer all by himself on a boat, just as we will be come Eurovision night as no one will vote for us. Seamen are particularly unimpressed – his fish-gutting is no good, he is wearing blue jeans and acts irressponsibly - seafarers tend not to jump from board.

There is also talk of the song being ripped. That our song “Ég á líf” is the same as another, Canadian song named “I am cow”. The Icelandic media got in touch with the Canadian songwriter who said he did not find it plausible that anyone would steal his song. There were so many good songs out there actually worth stealing that it would make no sense to take his. He has a very good point. After all, part of the lyrics go: “I am cow, I eat grass, metan gas comes out my ass….”
But you be the judge. 

 Yrsa - Wednesday


  1. Thank you for sharing. It reminded me why I miss Eurovision each year, though the cows probably would make an interesting showing on the big stage.

    I must say that as I watched the Iceland entry I couldn't help but wonder if it was titled "The Life of Hi," as in how the filmmaker must have been in coming up with that idea.

  2. Iceland's song seems to have a lot of angst. Canada's entry seems to raise the status of the animal with a bit of "serious" music, perhaps to deflect attention from the line Yrsa quoted.


  3. What a pity! I will be across the bridge from Malmö just a day after the next event. What a trip it would be to actually see the acts.