Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Blooms in Greece

Ahh, tomorrow I fly back to Greece.  I’m heading straight on to Mykonos to spend Easter week there, though my flight out of JFK into Athens bounces me through Constantinople.  No carrier flies directly into Athens from NYC (at least not yet) and Turkish Airlines offers by far the best price on flights into Athens from the US. Go figure.

I can’t wait.  I bet when I mention Greece the first thing you think of is either the Acropolis or deep-blue island seas.  For those of you who think pyramids, well, you’re close but no cigar. But there’s another side to Greece few ever see.  It’s Greece’s fertile mainland countryside, filled in springtime with blooms of almond, walnut, cherry, pear, apple, anemone, poppy, daisy, wisteria, rosemary, artichoke, and on and on…

I had dinner last night with a close friend visiting from Greece who shared some photographs she’d taken a few weeks back by a place approximately 26.2 miles from Athens.  I leave these for you to enjoy as I head off to experience them in person.  Hey don’t be jealous, I have allergies!

And of course, what pictorial portrait of Greece would be complete without at a venerable olive tree!



  1. Spring is my favorite time of year, when everything suddenly, over a few weeks, turns from brown and yellow and grey to BRILLIANT greens and stampede of colorful blossoms.

    So, about 26.2 miles from Athens, hm? Let's see, in the metric system, that would be what? Pretty close to exactly 1.0 marathons?

  2. Can't pull anything over your pollen-laden eyes, Everett:)