Friday, October 26, 2012

Crime writers cake shop

I'm on the road again, so I wanted to post some beautiful pictures for you to admire. But then I came across some pictures of repulsive cakes made to look like various human organs and sliced and diced anatomically correct body parts, and I thought that'd be more appropriate. They have been baked as part of the Eat Your Heart Out exhibition at the pathology museum at St Barts in London, which is on this weekend, so if you're in London, you're peckish and have a strong stomach then head down there. They look remarkable, and the attention detail is amazing. Not sure how they taste though. More info here

skinless head cake

Lung Cake

Maggots on a diabetic ulcer cupcake anyone?

STD awareness cupcakes - boils, scabs, warts and genital discharge. Or should that be clap-cakes? Great with a cuppa.

From the 'women in horror' cake selection...


Dan - Friday


  1. There is something about the English sense of humor...God bless 'em.

    Hmm, Dan, it does though give me an idea or two on what to hand (or other body part) out on Halloween.

  2. Eat Your Heart Out?????? I want to meet whoever came up with that.

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