Monday, April 4, 2011

Passy reservoir, Thelma and Louise tour Redux

The reservoir of Passy on rue Lauriston in the 16th arrondissement Paris was built between 1858 - 1866. This reservoir, fed by the Seine, is a non-drinking water source for Paris: fountains, gutters and parks. The amazing feature of the Passy reservoir is that it sits five stories high above ground, open to the sky composed of five pools - like swimming pools.

I wanted to include the Passy reservoir in the book—this incredible system of above-ground pools, protected from the streets by buildings you would never think to look behind, and networked by a series of tunnels. Nowadays you can stand over one of these pools and watch the fish swimming around in them below a clear view of the Eiffel Tower, a pretty surreal experience. But the reservoirs have been the scene of much more sinister happenings through history, including functioning as French Gestapo torture chambers during the Occupation.

They French Gestapo had only to walk across the block from 93 rue Lauriston their hq to go below the reservoir.

In this previous post I included Passy, the reservoir and how I came to write Murder in Passy,
so here's the link
and make this a short post since I'm still on book tour - in the midwest and Texas - travelling with Libby Hellmann. We call it the Thelma and Louise tour Redux - our third book tour together and we're still talking, laughing and having fun. We won't drive off a cliff but we're still looking for Brad Pitt or a stand in.

Cara - Tuesday
We're sad not to see Stan in Minneapolis/St. Paul at Once Upon a Crime but here's a big shout out to Stan
can you warm up the weather a bit please :)

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  1. You always know how to set the scene. Terrific.
    By the way, I'm not sure who's Thelma and who's Louise, but say hello to Libby. I'm the one she didn't expect to meet in Chicago:). And Brad said to say he'll meet you at the diner.