Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back home

Yoohoo! As of today I finally have an up and running internet connection at home, feeling less like a Neanderthal than I have for many months now. It is amazing how rapidly this communication tool and information mine has managed to make itself an integral part of one’s life, both professional and social. Other things are still uninstalled and my dog has taken up the space in the kitchen cabinets intended for the dishwasher and turned it into an indoor dog house of his own. He would probably lick the dishes and pans if we would stick them in there with him and the end result would be much the same as having the machine plumbed up but I think we will stick to the original plan.

One of the other things we are also lacking is our TV – no big loss as we mostly watch news and there is hardly anything on them these days other than depressing politics that are enough to make the happiest and silly of people contemplate digging a hole and jumping in. A vote whether to accept the third or fourth (who is counting?) Icesave agreement just took place and the resulting “No thanks” has provided the talking heads with endless topics to mull over and looks at from every side and angle. I believe that this one word “Icesave” – the name of the internet accounts offered in Europe by the Icelandic private banks – has become the most hated word in our country’s history. If we had any money left we would probably use it all to build a rocket and shoot this word into deep space – let the aliens deal with it.

So, instead of watching TV or listening to exaggerations regarding the state of anything and everything I am unpacking boxes. Seeing that the furniture is not yet inside because all the space is taken up by boxes it is not going very well at all. Anything removed from a box has nowhere to go except back in the box. It looks as if moving is going to be a long, long process.

We have however figured out a way to make it a little less than endless. When going through our boxed up belonging, trying to weed out things we do not really need, we take each piece aside and ask “So, what have you done for me lately?” Slowly but surely space for furniture is appearing.

Yrsa - Wednesday


  1. Excellent question to determine what needs to be let go. The converse works for me as well: "What have I done with you lately?"

    I don't like baking cookies. I do cakes, pies, muffins, coffee cakes, brownies, and fruit desserts but I don't do cookies. They are no sooner in the oven than they have to come out; they require too much attention.

    I do, however, have four cookie sheets. They were put to frequent use as the base of any number of school projects including one in which the cookie sheet was filled with an ersatz plaster made with cornstarch. Hieroglyphs were carved into the plaster. When it hardened, coffee was poured on it so it would get that buried look that artifacts require. Then it was put into the oven and baked until the whole thing cracked. No one would ever know that it didn't come from ancient Egypt.

    As the youngest is now 25, I no longer have to keep them for that craft that I didn't hear anything about until the night before it was due. The cookie sheets are leaving the house this week.


  2. Yrsa, you frighten me so. Demolition started yesterday on my apartment renovations. I shall flee to Greece and return prayerful of all being right in the world...or at least my place.