Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paris Cinemas

The French love films and have a rich tradition in the cinema. The Melies brothers even invented it, using the techniques from daguertypes, and made the first film near Place de la Republique. But the directors Chabrol Truffaut,Goddard and Audiard confess they saw their 'first' film and fell in love with cinema at as young teenagers at some of these little theatres.

In the Latin Quarter, the students still throng to the movie theatres on rue Champollion in the 5e. There are 3 on this block long street:
Le Champo Starting its local cinema career with films from the likes of Carné, Pagnol, Becker or Tati, Le Champo(-llion) become the favourite of French film lovers. The old cinema has now extended its screenings to more European tastes and also holds Film Nights, where viewers can watch three films and then enjoy breakfast afterwards,http://www.lechampo.com/prochainement.php?page=prochainement
and the Studio Galande, rue Galande.Showing low-budget films in their original versions, Studio Galande is also Parisian home of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Every weekend fans gather here to celebrate, in true RHPS style, the glorious decadence of the film. There are many different screenings every day.

La pagode 57 bis rue de Babylone 7th Certainly one of the original monuments to see in Paris, La Pagode was erected at the beginning of the century by the manager of the department store Bon March for his wife on the land next to their house, a real pagoda in a Japanese style used as a ballroom. But they quickly divorced and the pagoda was hired for events

It turned to a 400 seat movie house in the 1930's. A projection booth was built at the rear side and beautiful glass windows were darkened by simple wood panels and additional building constructed on a part of the garden was used as the lobby.

Le Brady 39 Blvd de Strasbourg 10thWhen Le Brady's doors opened in 1956 it specialised in horror, vampire and other monster films, which it continued to show for almost 40 years. It was only in the mid-nineties that the Brady moved on to its current specialisation - old films in their original versions.
Don't miss a trip to the Grand Rex in the 2e. It's an unbelievable movie palace complete with leather armchairs.

Cara - Tuesday


  1. My daughter will love this post, Cara. She works for a non-profit in New York City that preserves old films and runs many foreign language films.

    The Grand Rex is magnificent.


  2. Old day with old memories my home's nearer pavilion

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