Monday, May 3, 2010

Bonjour from Paris

After a lovely sunny weekend in Paris...the May day demonstrations and parades and lilies of the valley sold on the street corners. I'm going to be out of wifi range soon so here's photo highlights:

Everything was peaceful and holiday=like. The banner drapping the statue in Place de la Republique is from the Kurdish 'radical' party.

This is the modern left ---or so his sign says

My foray to the flea market at Batignolles...

Some Soviet flight helmets

In December 1941 this building, the former Hotel Imperator, was occupied by the German military and a bomb was thrown into the brasserie on the ground floor.

Cara = Tuesday


  1. Paris is fascinating! I'd love to browse antique glass at the flea market! Have fun, Cara.

  2. Thanks, Harvee. Met my female cop contact yesterday...more today...Cara

  3. Hi Cara-

    Great post, and I love the photos.
    Happy Mother's Day.