Saturday, July 8, 2023

More Naxos, Anyone?

A man and his flute atop a Greek temple's hilltop


Last week I posted iPhone photos taken by Barbara (mainly) on a jaunt we took a few years back to the magical southern Cycladic island of Naxos, the Cyclades’ largest.  I planned on offering up new photos of new places on our visit this week to Naxos, but unanticipated eventss and gregarious old friends pushed those plans "out of the picture." Instead I've fallen back on photos taken a half-decade ago by Barbara exploring many of those same places.

Every day needs to start off right.

For those of you looking for a more substantive post, I highly recommend the posts put up this past week by my MIE colleagues. You'll find they're an extraordinary collection of super columns by a fascinating crew of writers.

Bottom line, please excuse me for not being up to their standards this week, and welcome to spending another weekend on Naxos.

The Temple of Dimitra

The valley above which the Temple sits

The climb

The place

The tree under which I played my flute.
The Old Town

In case you couldn't tell, Barbara is into doorways.

And I'm into flutes...Native American.

And Naxos!

But now for a shot of the one you truly tuned in to see, my photo bomber!



  1. No need to apologize, Jeff. Barbara's pictures are always worth seeing more than once!

    1. Thank, Michael, I agree with you about Barbara's photos, but also stand by my being in awe of the posts put up this week by our MIE authors. -- Jeff

  2. A picture says a thousand words. . .you hit your word count and then some this week! Good work and great photos ~

    1. Thanks, Jackie. That's great praise coming from you. -- Jeff