Saturday, November 21, 2020

Comic Relief


I refuse to write about anything political this week.



 Because, like virtually everyone else on the planet, I’m tired and drained from living in a zone where madness has taken root under cover of more than sufficient bull shit to guaranty extreme growth for many seasons to come.


And so, I’ve decided to opt for a collection of cartoons and  links to video clips that draw on our current situation for inspiration.   Although some are political, they’re not even close to the many cartoons out there espousing strident tones from all fringes of the political spectrum.  Most come from US News and World Report, others from I know not where.


Let’s start off with a link to a Little Drummer Girl video that’s captivated me. It has nothing to do with politics, just joy.


Now we turn to the not-so-upbeat world of political cartoonists, as credited in their respective creations.


Here’s how the world feels.


Here’s how Democrats feel.


Here’s how Republicans feel.


Here’s one I simply couldn’t resist.

Here’s how American’s feel.

 And yet...


Here’s a link to Greek video maker’s take on the current US presidential situation. The significant lyrics translate roughly as, “I’m not going anywhere.” 


Then there's this fellow's take on who will win the Presidential Cup.  The link.

And, finally, here’s a video intended to make us all feel better.  The link.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.




  1. First off, the "Presidential Race" thing was brilliantly funny (I guessed the winner) and, secondly, the Hurkens thing nearly had me sobbing. Thanks, Siger.

    1. And who said you can't get water from stone. :) Happy Holidays.

  2. I loved the Little Drummer Girl but am pleased she isn't in my house!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Barbara.

    1. LoL, Stan. As a matter of fact I gave a drum set to my grandson and haven't heard from his mother since then. :)

      Yes, I love that Drummer girl video. I watch it every once in a while. It's a real spirits lifter. I think we'll have her join us this year for Thanksgiving dinner--of which Barbara and I wish you an Mette the happiest of Turkey days.

  3. Little Drummer is amazing! The Presidential Race hilarious. Thanks for the comic relief.

    1. They're my two favorites, too, Kwei. I guess that means we have the same impeccable taste...or wackiness. :) Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Fabulous, My brother. YOU raised up my spirit!

  5. Raising up your spirit, Sis, is my grandest pleasure in life! Happy Thanksgiving, my love.