Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Virtually yours - quarantining

How are you doing? Poor Vincent Van Gogh would be having a tough time. How are you getting through sheltering in place? Drinking quarantini's? Learning silly dances on Tiktok? Or baking bread? Or learning something new? Honing your craft?
I'm taking masked walks keeping social distancing and enjoying being out in the air. On the quiet streets.
I'm listening to writers talk about writing, coping with  quarantine and how their writing is going. Extended Sessions donated this service to set up this program for Book Passage aided by Anne Lamott, whose incredible book Bird by Bird, is a writers bible, and Isabel Allende - both local writers. I'm finding this helpful.
I spoke with my editor about what it's like to not go on book tour - how strange it feels since I've doing it for 20 years. Never thought I'd say it but I'm kind of missing airports, meeting people in person, talking to bookstore people.

Happy Tuesday - Cara

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  1. Yes, it's truly ear-y times, Cara. We've fallen into a routine that seems to work, and I think that's the answer, not that ours would work for everyone. The key I think, though, is not to think of an end insight, just go with the flow. I share you feelings about the loss of touring, and am surely saddened at the cancellation of Bouchercon 2020 in Sacramento. The folks putting it on worked so very hard for five years at readying it all. But the made the right call. Stay safe!!