Monday, September 30, 2019

Picture Me in California

Annamaria on Monday

I fully admit it.  I am having too wonderful a time this week to write seriously about anything.  My mind and heart are too taken up, at this moment, with the following:
  • how happy I am (I managed to write about that last week) 
  • how the characters in my WIP are going to solve the troubles I have caused them and do so in the next and final three chapters
  • how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and these glorious days to spend with them
  • how drop-dead gorgeous are my surroundings
  • how sorry I am going to be leaving this place this coming Thursday
  • how, for many people that I dearly love, this Monday is the beginning of the year 5780 and how important it is for all people to look for and embrace new beginnings, whenever and however they present themselves
In lieu of words more words, I give you these, with minimal explanation:

The view from where I am sitting, as I write.

First full day!

View from the lunch table
SFMOMA had an exhibit of early photos of Egypt, including
one of the Temple of Dendur....
...which now resides at the Met Museum in NYC.  I visited
it there two months earlier

This is a sculpture, not a person.

Lovely Walnut Creek

Where we lent support to the young people, begging the
world to keep the planet habitable for them.

A walk along Tomales Bay

Follow the Leader!

Point Reyes National Seashore

I'm feeling a little sad to be leaving soon, but I still have
a few days of this level of joy!


  1. The west coast has much to offer. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I remember being on Walnut Creek Blvd ~30 years ago (along with many other areas in the Bay Area). Now get back to work and finish that novel so that WE can finish it! :-)

  2. I am working on it, EvKa, despite the wonderful distractions here. It’s a long story, this book I’m working on. And my friends and family here—plus the gorgeous surroundings—I admit make me want to play more than work!