Friday, February 22, 2019

A dark, grey day in the dear green city

 There are things you should always do but never get round to. As the song says,

What happened to the wonderful adventures?
The places we had planned for us to go.
Some of them we did, but most we didn't
And why I do not know.

So, for my mum's 82 second birthday, we took her on a tour of the city she was born in.

The weather was very Glasgow. It was cold and sunny, then cold and  overcast, then cold and so windy I couldn't hear the commentary through the earphones.

I thought I'd go black and white.

Central station.

It's looking very depressing. In a previous blog there is also a picture taken right here.
It's sunny, tables are out, beer being supped, people happy.
Not today. 

We can get this on a T shirt.
It means he's a bampot.

           This is where we were sitting, outside at the back, trying to kill my mother with hypothermia.

Switched to colour as monochrome was too depressing
The city chambers in George Sq

These architects should be put against that wall and shot, slowly

The old Glasgow Royal Hospital


The mural depicts story from St Mungo, bringing a robin back to life.

The Tollboth, where we executed people

Glasgow Green, every time I have been here, it's been after a very long run.

The People's Palace with  some botanic gardens on the back. 

A sandstone memorial as a roundabout.
The building at the back is a carpet factory, the factory that  made the carpets on the Titanic.
The owner wanted the factory here but it was so visible the  council said he could build it as long as it didn't look like a factory!

A pub near the first church to get an organ.

Above the italian centre

Above the modern art gallery

Victorian facade

The old citizen newspaper building and the silver anchor building

The picture off the other bus

The Cad'ora building - Iron and glass.

The trains above, the area underneath is known as the highlandman's umbrella


This architect should be pushed down a hill 

Under the M8 motorway, this is the busiest few miles of motorway in Scotland.
It was never meant to take so many cars,  at a standstill.
It has been bolted together... many times.

                  New riverside apartments, and the much loved squinty bridge across the clyde.

The Rotunda, where they used to turn the horses at the end of the underground tunnel.
Now a rather nice restaurant.

The Hydro concert hall seats 12 000- the biggest in Scotland

The armadillo Concert hall
( more comfy seats than above)

The Goliath crane, now used for charity abseiling.

                                                 ????, it's a car park!

                                                      A malt whisky distillery, plenty of freebies                 
                                                    Lots of folk got  off the bus here!

The riverside museum, award winning architecture
All Glasgow museums are free- like in Washington DC!

The tall ship tucked behind the transport museum

                                            And the beloved Waverly paddle steamer, the last ocean going paddle steamer in the world. She was bought by the people of Glasgow for a pound. Unsteerable!

                                            A nice pic of the art gallery over the trees.

By this time, I had lost all feeling in my fingers and had to turn the camera off.
Very dangerous being a blogger.

Caro Ramsay  22 02 19


  1. Thanks for the tour! Hope your mum had a great day and thanks for risking your very life to be able to share with us. As Paul Simon once sang, "Everything looks worse in black and white."

    1. Hi Jono, or as my friend said, in black and white, it all looks a bit Soviet!
      We took mum out for afternoon tea, with tiny sandwiches and lots of cake, so she enjoyed it.

  2. Caro, Thank you so much for the tour. I will gladly join the architect firing squad. But then there was Charles Renne Macintosh. None of his work on the tour?? What a sin. I came to Glasgow for the sole purpose of seeing his work.

  3. Well the art school burned down for the second time, and it doesn't look like it's going to rise from the ashes, so that's the main CRM attraction gone. The Hill House has dry rot so is closed for a £7 million treatment and refurb. And I have to confess, I'm not huge fan. His seats are really bad for your back!