Wednesday, December 26, 2018

My top ten fictitious books of 2018

Leye - everyother Wednesday 

Photo by Hackley Public Library

As it’s that time of the year when it’s fashionable to write book lists, I thought I’d write the ten books of 2018 I wish someone had thought to write and some publisher had been bold enough to publish. So, here are my top ten fictitious nonfiction books of 2018:

1               You are fired!
The rise and fall of Donald Trump.
2               How a country shot itself in the foot.
A critical analysis of post BREXIT UK.
3               The Big Con.
How a group of speculators bet against the UK and funded the BREXIT project.
4               Climate change? What climate change?
Famous last words and other leadership fails.
5               A.I. is your friend.
The first book written by Alexa.
6               The Hashtag revolution.
Bringing down patriarchy one bastard at a time.
7               The last reality TV show.
The story of the last reality show ever. EVER.
8               The fallacy of leadership.
Essays on the inefficacy of management and the pointlessness of leadership.
9               How not to be a vegan.
A guide for new vegans who do not want to be annoying.
10           The trial of David Cameron.
Self explanatory.


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  2. All guaranteed to be bestsellers, Leye. You'd best get busy...

  3. I was already checking Amazon before I saw they were fictitious...

  4. I WISH! Which one would you read first? I am torn between numbers 6 and 8.

  5. What a list, and all deserving of finding their way into best-cellars.