Saturday, August 11, 2018

Naxos, Again?

A man and his flute atop a Greek temple's hilltop


Last week I posted iPhone photos taken by Barbara (mainly) and me on our three-day jaunt to the magical southern Cycladic island of Naxos, the Cyclades’ largest.  As I pointed out at the time, technical glitches made it impossible for me to get the photos from Barbara’s “real” camera in time to make it into that post.

Through diligent super-human efforts over this past week, I’ve been able to wrest then away from her camera…before it ran off with her to NYC for August.

I should point out that, Barbara, like most sane people, prefers to avoid Mykonos in August. I, not qualifying as such, thrive here amid the craziness. So much so, that I’m churning out my latest Kaldis novel (#10) at a 3000 words per day pace.  With luck—and a bit of inspiration to overcome some anticipated rocky patches (like figuring out who done did it)—I’ll complete a first draft by Monday! 

Every day needs to start off right.

That intense concentration has me living inside the heads of some pretty nasty characters, which is another reason why I’m posting idyllic photographs instead of the witty, incisive prose and postulations you’ve come to expect from my MIE colleagues.  My head’s just not there.

So, please excuse me, and welcome to spending another weekend on Naxos.

The Temple of Dimitra

The valley above which the Temple sits

The climb

The place

The tree under which I played my flute.
The Old Town

In case you couldn't tell, Barbara is into doorways.

And I'm into flutes...Native American.

And Naxos!

But now for a shot of the one you truly tuned in to see, my photo bomber!



  1. Great pictures, Jeff. Please pass on my compliments -- and belated birthday wishes -- to Barbara. And wow. 3000 words a day is a phenominal work rate. Is it something in the water...?

    1. Must be. Jeff doesn't drink anything stronger!

    2. Will do Zoë. Actually it's something in the hordes of August descending on Mykonos that drives me inside with a burst of creative energy envisioning all sorts of malevolent acts and retributions. I fear that if I didn't, Michael, I might resume drinking in self defense!

  2. Bravissima, Barbara! Tell the people with the dog that they don’t need the words. The picture says it all. In fact they ought to think of marketing that picture to people who can’t afford a burglar alarm.

    1. I think she included that photo, sis, because she just loves pit bulls. And, no, EvKa, that's not why she tolerates me.

  3. Great word count, Jeff. I'm sure that 90% of them are great words, too. :-)

    I was getting a little parched looking at all the bone-dry vistas, beautiful as they are, so I'm glad you threw that last one in to whet my whistle.

    But, Jeff, being the good friend I am, I feel compelled to point out that, ideally, she more than just tolerates you. Perhaps your flute work requires more practice.

    1. The trouble with word counts, EvKa, is when the 10% of non-great fan out through the manuscript, and must be hunted down like bedbugs in a brothel. I wrote that sentence so you could practice removing your 10%

      Actually, Naxos is a relatively green and fertile island. Certainly more so than most of the other Cyclades. In fact, the temple was built to pay tribute to the fertile valley in which it sits!

      I'll work on the flute playing, but can't vouch for it's influence on calming intolerance.

  4. After October 2019 I am going to reread and catch up. No apologies needed. These photos are GREAT.

  5. Hordes. A word that has been used more than once in recent weeks in The Mani, only wish they'd have sparked my wordsmith energies as they have yours.

    1. You Maniots have successfully repelled the hordes for millennia, so I have great faith in your doing so again...even if armed with but a pen. :)

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