Friday, November 3, 2017

Bouchercon; Rogues Gallery Part One


I am in Grantown On Spey acting in the new play, Murder At the Knickerage. Think Benny Hill meets NCIS and you can't go far wrong.

So here's few photies of some folk doing weird stuff in a hotel in Toronto- sorry T'ronto.

The silent auction did  the MIE bloggers proud.

Bookshop, early morning.

If you enlarge this, Craig's face is priceless.

John Lawton, trying to recall what his book was about.

Ladies paying attention

Inside looking outside

Where we are at!

A great panel!

I want half this guys energy.

If I was writing a book with my mum the only murder would be her's.
But these two get on great.

A co writer of a dead person's estate.

Murderous acting. Or acting murderous.
I shall refrain from comment.
You can fill in the blanks yourself.

It was so exhausting writers lay down to rest any opperchancity they got.

Stabbed in the back!


Thespians to a man.... and woman.

Early morning event- still in her PJ's.                                         

Medics talking murder and medicine
Paying attention!
The Queen visiting the hotel

T'ronto in the past.

Canadians playing....a sport.

A brief history of the area

A few views of outside.

Our memorable panel...

Our faces say it all....

Book shop mid afternoon

Right, Jeff. I'm in charge now!!

A great panel

Andrew making a point but unlike Michael, I have no memory what he was talking about.

The boys paying attention.

At the Bouchercon!

Inspired by Peter R

'cept he'd do it in black and white

The big window

Over to you, St Petersburg, Florida.

Caro Ramsay


  1. Great post Caro!! I'm sorry we didn't have time to connect at the conference, but it really was a fantastic (if busy!) one this year!

  2. I notice you mercifully excised the moderator from shots of your panel, but failed to show the same grace in the photos of mine. :p

  3. Replies
    1. I agree. Most enjoyable for me, after New Orleans--which was stellar!