Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks articles hit my eye, and like probably so many of you, I open the article to find tips and techniques for smartly packing a huge pile to fit into a roller bag. Efficient and clever ways to actually get everything in there with smart uses of space i.e. rap those charger cords by clipping them in hair clippie, stuff your shoes with socks, used a shower cap to wrap the soles of dirty boots and keep your clothes clean, use belts to keep a shirt collar stiff, and the most important...roll your T-shirts, jeans etc. Roll, roll, roll them into snakes and sausages. Fine and dandy.
But what about my finds in France?
 First class olive oil - prémiere cru - from Nyons the olive capital. Alas, no way.
 German farmer clogs - space for lots of socks but takes too much room.
Even one of these delights grabbed from a patisserie got smashed.

I tried bringing a honey-apricot confiture, with honey harvested from the bee-hives at the Ministry of Agricultures (they have a mini-farm in the grounds of the Ministry which is in the centre of Paris!), but it got confiscated at CDG airport. A sin. I tried telling the grumpy guard that instead of tossing it in the trash, just please take it home and enjoy.
Too bad these were out of my price range. And tricky to fit into a roller bag.
 The local brocante in the 12th arrondissement fit in my budge.
Or made room for any of these creations at the Dior exhibit - amazing.
 Not even space for a straw boater from the guignette where Renoir painted his famous - Afternoon Boating Party
Especially this from Jean Cocteau's house
Too heavy and too many guards watching.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Oh, Cara, what temptations! I especially love the brocantes--where I can often find the vintage bed linens that I can't get enough of. But my first choice is the olive oil. I would have left something behind to take that home.

  2. I would have gone for the olive oil, too, Annamaria, although no good for hand baggage travellers. Meanwhile, eat the patisserie delights, and wear the hat!