Monday, July 10, 2017

On the road bits and bobs

 With our Stan at Once Upon A Crime - totally love Devin, the new owner, who runs the shop with her family. She's going to her first Bcon at Toronto and we teased her about being a virgin - please make her welcome at the bar. Suggest the MIE contingent take care of her first round.
 At Boswell's after being interviewed by Jon Jordan of Crimespree with Haylen Beck also known as Stuart Neville in Milwaukee
 Eye closures in the middle with Lori Rader-Day, Libby Hellmann and Emilie Le Beau Lucchesi who's written an amazing non-fiction crime book about the last woman to be executed in Chicago.
 Prowling tunnels in Chicago with my editor - spooky
 On our two mile prowl we saw rabbits...whole families in the middle of the windy city.
 Our marketing director Paul gesturing to any empty plate in the Fulton Market
At Mystery Lovers Bookshop with Francine Mathews and Natalie, the new owner, who worked there growing up! Her dream of owning the book store with her husband has come true.
 A batch of thank you letters stamped and ready to mail to all the wonderful hosting bookstores.
Then back again to Minneapolis with our Stan who deserves high praise for yet again coming out and joining me at the Criminal Cocktail hour. We celebrated after with bubbly + dinner in Stillwater !
PS I am looking for the EvKa pictures...where have they gone?
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Whew! What a whirlwind. So happy you had time with friend to cheer your way.

  2. Wow. Are you STILL on the road??? :-) How can one body absorb THAT much fun? (And you posted a pic of us a few weeks back... umm... Ah! June 19:

  3. You wild and crazy French types always know how to have the best time, in the best places, with the best people...and the gracious upbringing to know how to thank your hosts appropriately. Bravo, Cara!