Friday, December 9, 2016

Who voted for them anyway?

A week in politics is a long time.
The weak in politics are a dangerous thing.
Numpties in politics would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous.
Do you think a responsible adult could go and take Donald Trump’s phone off him, please?
Meanwhile here in Scotland things aren’t much better.
We have always prided ourself on being well educated. Indeed if you want to name it, a Scot probably invented it. Just look at the engines of the Starship Enterprise.
However, with successive SNP governments the standards of education are getting lower and lower and we are tumbling down the European league tables in terms of education and ability in core subjects.  The SNP spokesman said the report made ‘uncomfortable reading’. One would presume only for those of us remaining who have the capacity to read.

Meanwhile the SNP are dealing with issues on the world stage, Aleppo? Human trafficking? The Zika virus? No, the MSP for Midlothian North and Musselburgh (and the SNP treasurer) had demanded the UK government takes speedy action on Toblerone.
from this....
to this.... national scandal!
The decision to increase the spacing between each triangle of chocolate according to Mr Beattie was emblematic of the devastating consequences of BREXIT. He spoke at some length and was then criticised by other MSP’s for wasting time and public money.
A Tory MSP commented that the SNP have a simple quest to find grievance in all things, something I think we have all noticed.
Mr Beattie also once tabled a motion praising the restaurant that served his favourite curry.
Here are a few things that the Scottish Parliament have got up to when they should have been running the country at most, or not wasting public money at the very least.
A Tory MSP tabled a motion to congratulate 4 referees who had been selected to officiate at the Euro 2016 football tournament.
A Nationalist MSP might have got some support in her bid in asking Parliament to recognise the talents of rock band AC/DC – ¾ of whom were Scottish.
                                                   The Bon Scott statue in Kirriemuir
Another Nationalist MP forwarded a motion to praise his own daughter for winning a prize at school and somebody with sense wanted the Scottish parliament to back her in that Scotland should have its own entry in the European Song Contest. A few bagpipes and whirling kilts might just edge it for us.
They have also tried to ban the release of balloons. They wanted to commemorate the fact that a superhero in the x-men comic had proposed to his boyfriend but saving the best for last, and thinking about it, I do agree that the Shetland pony Socks should be congratulated by parliament for his moon walking antics in a TV advert for broadband.

Come to think of it on a deeper level, Shetland ponies as a breed are loyal, hard working, a wee bit stubborn but are impossible to tire out. They are so intelligent they can be trained as guide dogs for the blind and they last three times longer. So I think we should get Socks the Shetland pony to run the country.
                                                    Socks is a huge success - well, he is outstanding in his own field!!!
In fact I’m sure he has got a stable mate we can send over to the USA. That's not a bad idea you know Shetland ponies can’t use telephones.
Ps The SNP minister of transport has just been stopped by police for driving  without insurance. He said he was confused as he was separating from his wife. So, just so he has his  mind  on his job then.
Caro Ramsay 09 12 2016


  1. I'd be more than happy to vote for a Shetland pony. They couldn't do much worse!

  2. I say Shetland ponies should replace them all in the next election. Also the Minister of Transport should be replaced by his estranged wife. Evidently she was the one who knew how to get things done. He couldn't even renew his auto insurance without her. In fact, I think EVERY male politician worldwide should immediately be replaced by his wife. This minute. You can't convince me that such an outcome would not improve matters everywhere.

  3. The last time I had a Tolerone it was far less saw-toothed than either photo reveals. Does that means I'm long in the tooth? As for Shetland ponies and politics, I'm all for them holding office, but I wonder what Annamaria's position is on geldings--both the verb and the noun?

    By the way, terrific review of your TEARS OF ANGELS in Crime Review. Bravo, Caro!

  4. I say: Replace all Cabinet appointees and all other heads of agencies with Shetland ponies. I'm for it.

    They won't alienate more than half of the population, screw up Social Security, Medicare, environmental protections, civil liberties, etc.