Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Do you know the City of Light? Here are ten facts about Paris that you might not know. From terraces to condom machines - the folks behind the Smarter Paris app have found some wacky stats. Info courtesy of Smarter Paris.
1. All the trees in Paris are referenced and measured. And there are 470,000 of them.
2. There are 181 places in the city where you can get an espresso for €1. Even better, here's the link I hope it works! Boire un café à 1€ ou moins à Paris, c'est possible ! La preuve http://ow.ly/3y5Ne5 3. Open terraces. If you were to spend each day of your life in Paris visiting a different open terrace (of a bar, cafe, or restaurant), then it would take you 29.8 years to see them all (and who knows how many new ones will open in that time!). Yes, there are 9,057 of them.
4. There are 31 street condom-vending machines in Paris, provided by the Town Hall. And in case you're in a tight spot there's one near the Town Hall 5. In the whole of Paris, there is only one stop sign, situated at the exit of a building company in the rich 16th arrondissement. The traffic system in Paris is mainly based on giving way to those coming from the right.
6. The main bell in the Notre Dame Cathedral weighs over 13 tonnes. And it's called Emmanuel.
7. There are 6,100 streets in Paris. 8. The shortest street in the city - at just 5.75 metres - is Rue des Degrés in the 2nd arrondissement.I really like this street because it's unique and a scene in Murder in the Sentier takes place here.
In the central 2nd arrondissement, this Rue is nothing more than a staircase. 9. If you like baguettes then you're in the right city because there are 1,784 bakeries in Paris.
10: And lastly, there are plenty of bars too, although not as many as there are bakeries. In fact there are 1,124 bars in the city.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. The fact I find most fascinating is not the street condom vending machines (although that did cause me to pause and wonder just exactly what a "street condom" was and what it was for...) was the fact that there's only ONE stop sign in the entire city. Amazing.

  2. Actually, EvKa, I just wished Cara had not used the phrase, "in case you're in a tight spot" when describing the locations of said condom machines ...

    Funny how neither of us concentrated on other fascinating facts about Paris, isn't it?

    1. Agreed. By the time you're "in a tight spot," it's a little late to be thinking of a condom, isn't it?

  3. Despite the level of discourse of the comments above, Cara, I am forwarding this to the frequent visitors to Paris among my friends. I will not visit again without Smarter Paris on my phone!

  4. Thanks for a truly seminal post and all the arousing social intercourse it triggered.

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