Friday, October 2, 2015

The story goes on , and on....


As I write this I am sailing around somewhere with my head deep in writing a novel so I thought it might be interesting to have a look back over my other blogs and give you an update.

                                                            Corbyn heading off to work

I was deep in the drama of the Bloody Scotland Crime Writing Festival when Annamarie emailed me to tell me that Jeremy Corbyn had won the race for the Labour leadership by a huge margin.  The two ladies in the contest stomped off in the huff and the man, Andy Burnham, took a seat in the Corbyn shadow cabinet.  (Cometh the Man - Jeremy Corbyn - 14.8.15)

There was an instance before the election when Burnham, who had been in the lead, picked up on the fact that Corbyn’s policies seemed very popular and said that if he was elected he would offer Jeremy Corbyn a seat in the Cabinet.  

Corbyn’s reply to that was ditto. 

The press have been furiously scouting around trying to find dirt to smear him with but the best they could come up with was the fact that he likes eating toasted cheese and he enjoys playing with his cat. 

Recent news in the UK has been about David Cameron’s indecent relations with the head of a dead pig while he was a student at university.

 For some this has made Cameron just a tad more interesting.  The medical students at Guys Hospital in London used to get up to things that are so unpalatable they are also unbloggable. Never trust anybody with a medical degree.
Corbyn will never lead this country, he doesn’t have that kind of experience and also I think he’s too honourable a man to do what would need to be done to get that kind of power. But he will reshape the Labour Party and move them slightly left of centre and at last there will be an end to the Blairite regime. That could be very bad news for the Scottish Nationalists which is why Nicola Sturgeon is  pressing for a another referendum sooner rather than later.
                                                    My pal Lesley.

While I was doing my small series of the Glasgow square mile of murder,(The Second Murder - Madeleine Smith - 16.8.15) I covered the story of Madeleine Smith and it turns out that my friend, Lesley McDowell is writing yet another book on her so that’s one I look forward to. Lesley will give a very female slant on the situation.  Lesley is famous for writing ”Between the Sheets” which explores the literary liaisons of nine twentieth century writers,  Sylvia Plath, Hilda Doolittle and Simone de Beauvoir among others. What was it like to be Ted Hughes lover? Quite angst ridden I would imagine.


Recently I blogged about the murder of Karen Buckley by Alex Pacteau. (Victim Profiling (Karen Buckley) - 21.8.15)  He pled guilty, was sentenced for a minimum of 23 years and has now lodged an Intention to Appeal against his sentence.  If he is not careful he might end up with more.

                                                The two victims, mother and daughter.
.                                 What went on in that hotel room remains a mystery

I also did a blog about the murder at the Premier Inn where a mother and daughter both ended up dead with stab and slash wounds but no one else was being sought by the police. (Fact and Fiction - Mother and daughter Premier Inn - 17.5.13) It turns out that a third woman will be facing trial on blackmail charges connected with the deaths of the two women.

On the 21st of September 2015 news broke that the police in North Lanarkshire want to investigate a new site near Coatbridge in relation to wee Moira Anderson who was last seen in 1957. (Moira Anderson - 7.2.14 ). The  man driving her bus was a child abuser and he died in 2006.  Professor Dawson of the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen has prepared a forensic report on soil samples but it is  likely any detailed examination will run into problems because of the old mines in the area. Fingers crossed that they find her body. She  was 11 when she went missing, just a wee kid who played marbles in the close and went messages for her granny.

The last snippet is about the island of St Kilda  (St Kilda The Lonely Island - 26.6.13) and those final residents who were taken off the island and all given a job for the Forestry Commission although they had lived all their lives on an island totally devoid of trees.

Caro Ramsay  2/10/2015


  1. Politics, salacious sexual situations, and murder, oh my,
    All wrapped up by our Lady of the Scots, I sigh.
    T'is better, I think, if we view from afar,
    Like a ship in a bottle, this world in a jar.
    For murder is rotten, and politics, too,
    I'd rather an island than live in this zoo.

  2. Caro, wait a sec, got back three paces. A woman is going to be charged with blackmailing two other women to death? Scotland is a WHOLE lot more inscrutable than I thought.

  3. Very interesting comments about Jeremy Corbyn, especially about the cheese and the cat. I'll have to let a friend know who met him at some point.

    Why do you think his pushing the Labor Party to the left would affect the Scottish Nationalist Party? Do you means that some Scots would support him and the Labor Party rather than the SNP?

    I see that Corbyn just said he would not ever approve use of a nuclear weapon; good for him. That caused some consternation and also that he would not sing the national anthem.

    But he's popular. He won a good majority of those in the Labor Party. Sorry I'm using U.S. spelling and should use British spelling.

  4. Did Cameron borrow that form of denial from a former US President? It sounds familiar.

  5. I'm with Everett on this one...the world looks SO much better from space. I'm ALMOST ready to relocate off the rock entirely.

  6. Cameron imitating Clinton in his plea to the British people, yeah, a great teacher he had.