Friday, July 31, 2015

The Writing Is On The Wall..


In the beginning was the word and the word was Aardvark.

The weather here is awful.
I mean really awful.
The central heating is on and the wood burning stove is burning bright although I confess I can’t actually verify that as  the stove itself is obscured by a large pile of  cats, dogs, pine martins,  polar bears etc.
Believe me, it’s cold. This July has been the wettest ever on record and that is saying something for Scotland.
Then we  saw the weather forecast...

Ian Georgson took this picture of a gritter, for the Scotsman newspaper.
We now have snow warnings.
In August.

So I am in cheer up mode. I was going to blog about Scottish politics (which is as depressing as Greek politics but at least they have sunshine.) So I thought I had better warn Jeff that if he is coming to Bloody Scotland and wants to wear a bikini, it should be a fur one. ... with matching wellies and sou’wester.

Anyway, I was reading that witty graffiti  is on the way out due to teenagers not roaming the streets at night. Or maybe the weather is just keeping them in. Some graffiti has of course become a legit art form  but over the years I have collected a  lot of books about graffiti, you know, the clever stuff that is chortlesome.... this kind of stuff...

On a wall in Amsterdam…
Does the Netherlands Royal family suffer from Dutch Realm disease?

Outside a maternity hospital in Paris… 
Liberte – Egalite – Fraternite – Maternite 

Some more Paris wit (in 1969)…
Je suis Marxiste – Tendance Groucho 

These Parisians again…
To do is to be – Roussaeu
To be is to – Sartre
Do be do be do – Sinatra

One of my favourites, written outside a lift at University Collage, Cardiff…
In case of fire do not attempt to use the lifts,  – try a fire extinguisher.

Whereas the university of Durham has some stellar advice…
Half the girls at this college have TB, the other half have VD, so sleep with a girl who coughs.

And in Hertford...
Watch this space. Why what’s it doing?

Some things don't change. From the Polytechnic of the South Bank, London. 
Before the Thatcher Government came to power we were on the edge of an economic precipice – since then we have taken a great step forward -

Outside a social disease clinic
VD is nothing to clap about.

And some true philosophy..
There is no fury like a vested interest in masquerading as a moral principle.

Amd one that made me think of Annamarie… this was sribbled on a wall in  the Station of New Yorks finest…
We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful.  We have done so much for so long with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing. 


                                     Is the  grave of Karl Marx
                                    just another communist plot

Abstinence is the thin edge of the pledge

On Bristol University Notice Board...
Lecture this evening on schizophrenia.  I’ve have half a mind to go
I’m in two minds also

I’d give might right arm to be ambidextrous.
You can have mine, I’m left handed.


On a door in the English Department of English, Columbia University New York..
Back in a minute

Don’t vote! The government will get in – Oxford University

Notice in the music library...
Handel’s organ works
          so does mine

An advertisement for the London Underground showed Henry the Eight buying a ticket and saying 'Tower Hill, return please.'
And a single for the wife.

I like sadism, necrophilia and bestiality am I flogging a dead horse?

Balliol College Oxford
Tolkien is hobbit forming 

In a Cairo hotel..
There are pharaohs at the bottom of our garden

And a selection of the usual...

Amnesia rules o…
Einstein rules relatively okay
Dyslexia lures KO
Scots  rule och aye

Have a good weekend all, wherever you are,

Caro 31 07 2015


  1. Caro, Stanley and I have been feeling sorry for ourselves in Johannesburg. There is no central heating here, houses have zero sensible insulation, and the temperature outside is near freezing. (Inside too.) On the other hand, it IS mid winter, not raining and no snow is predicted!

  2. So much wisdom and all I ever had was a tee shirt with a picture of Groucho Marx and John Lennon.

  3. Another fine Friday column to send us into the weekend with a laugh over our shoulders and a chuckle in our pocketses. Dyslexics of the world untie!

    Actually the ONE work of graffiti that always sticks in my mind was on the wall of a public men's room:

    You can shake it,
    You can squeeze it,
    You can bang it on the wall,
    But only when it's in your pants
    Will the last drop fall.

    Approximately half the population of the world will understand and summarily agree with the wisdom of that little ditty. The poem. I'm talking about the poem.

  4. Oh, Caro, how GREAT is this post! I am laughing and laughing!

    I will add my favorite of the many I've seen:
    Years ago, in the era of hairspray, there was an add on the NYC subway for a product called Rayette Acquanet. The copy said, "Forty years ago, Rayette introduced the first hairspray. We are still No. 1. Who says women are fickle?"
    Pencilled in below: "Giuseppe Verdi"

  5. Please excuse me, Caro, but for some unexplainable reason I never got past your fashion fashion hints on what to wear in not until I saw the guffaws and laughter in the comments over your favorite graffiti did I come back and see what existed beyond your salute to PETA-files everywhere.