Friday, June 26, 2015

Quirky in the West End....

It must all be happening in book  world as I, like Stan, am too busy  to do a  proper blog. But here is a visual treat of the stuff that  has been going down  hereabouts...

It was two degrees warmer here on the  longest day that  it was on the shortest day .
 that  must be somebody's fault!

It has been the West End festival and I  was taking part in that. There was a night of crime with Glasgow's on Doyenne of Darkness (me) and two others.  We were billed as two balds and a blonde.
I  was the blonde.

Some  of you may have seen the documentary 'Fork V Knife' which is about  how good a plant based wholefood diet is for health. I kept waiting for them to use the V word but they  did not - they  kept  saying the  phrase 'plant based wholefood diet'.

Then Beyonce said she was doing the above plant based health food diet and turned up at a plant based wholefood diet restaurant wearing a fur coat.

So I did this to prove a point. So far  it has been five days and I don't feel any different at all.

Vegan seemingly is considered too weird. 
In the national press on Sunday  I was called a "quirky so en so"
 So not  only have I been vegan all week but quirky with it.

Certainly  not quirky  to the extent that  I would go into a WGPBD (vegan)  restaurant wearing this jacket and those trousers. What  kind of people did she expect to find in there and did they  not think they  might find that  a wee bit offensive.
 But each to their own, it was nothing to do with me but I decided to be outraged.
So vegan,  quirky and outraged  and it was only Wednesday,

This is  where I set  my novels, the trendy West End of Glasgow. It's lovely and horrible at the same time.  Full of beautiful architecture and multicultural.
Also full of pretentious  gits who eat things with the word artisan in front of it.
The coffee shops are aplenty.
With uncomfortable seats.
Many  of the women wear  big stripey socks.
Many  of the men have beards.
The word gongbath appears in doorways.

Our event was down stairs at Oran Mor. A church that has been  converted to be a pub, wedding venue,  night club etc.

The West End Festival begins with a parade. I have never been at it myself so I scouted round the net and got a few pics..

Byres road

the Botanics at the top of Byres Road,  I always mention it in the books.

the Kelvingrove art gallery.

Then we had our own late night crime spectacular.... two balds etc..]

The lovely Theresa  introducing us. 

We are thinking what to do, Michael is getting ready to read something.

I seem to be doing a Beyonce impersonation.

Saying  something  clever, but probably  untrue

 Bald blonde, bald. ( the beard was in the audience, he is going to do a guest blog for me soon!)

                                                             Bottle, blonde, beer, bald

Bald, blonde with mic getting  in on the act...

Blonde makes a note of what bald has said  as other bald thinks about phoning his solicitor.

I am working  on  a project  just  now which is rather exciting.
 well I think  it is.

More of that  later........

The quirky vegan. 26 06 2015


  1. Good luck with your 'plant-based whole food diet'. Let us all know how it goes, and what effect it has, both on your health and your weekly shopping bill!

    And don't you think Craig Robertson should have matched his facial hair to Michael's, just for the sake of symmetry?

  2. I always knew you were quirky, Caro, but I'm a big enough man to admit I was wrong for thinking you were bald. However, as humorous as I often find your weekly post, I'm afraid you were outdone this week by US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in his truly laugh-a-sentence dissent to the ruling on ObamaCare. And then the very next day the Court somehow ruled in favor of Gay Marriage. I feel like I went to sleep and woke up in an alternate reality. What next? Are they going to go back and decide that corporations really aren't people after all, and that money isn't speech? Nah... that WOULD be a bridge too far.

    For a moment, I read your caption on one picture as "Bottle-blond" and was prepared to be shocked and outraged all over (as opposed to just in one particular location), then realized that those were two separate things and you hadn't been pulling your golden tresses over our eyes all this time after all, so my outrage was stillborn. Probably just as well, as I'm not prepared to be a mother to anything at this age.

    Well, that's enough stream of consciousness for today. At least, I THINK I'm conscious; maybe this is all just a nightmare...

    1. Evka, My Alice-through-the-looking-glass moment this week was concerning the al-Bashir fiasco. We were told that unjust laws should be opposed as we did "against Apartheid and in Nazi Germany."
      Hang on. This is the government opposing their OWN "unjust" law! What am I missing here? I've tried pinching myself but I didn't wake up!

  3. Not to worry Caro. You've got it all over Beyonce.
    EvKa, today I am not embarrassed to be American.

  4. I think it's something in the beer. For whatever the reason you simply cannot put up a "proper" blog. And may the day never come that you can! As for the other events this week mentioned by EvKa and Michael, Hallelujah and pass the pincers.