Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Paris Collections - Patisserie

Paris designers, known for couture, show their fall collections on the fashion runways in October. So do the pastry chefs - but their fall collections are previewing now for the holiday season. In September the renown names in patisserie, Pierre Hermé - known as the Picasso of pastry,
 Gerard Mulot, Patrick Roget - a chocolate sculptor and you name it stage their fall collection which leans heavily on the buche de Noel, the Christmas log cake, and updates to the eclair world.
 Bloggers and journalists in the foodie world are invited to taste, blog and write about the creations. Raspberry, Mandarine orange...

These patisseries are of the 'bijouterie' variety with the look of a luxe Parisian jewelry shop with sparkling cases and perfect lighting.

However luxurious the clients find it at street level, the scene below the shop is often like this one. Here in a Marais patisserie ten people do the actual preparation and baking in a cavern the size of a single car garage.

More next week on the Paris syndrome.

Cara - Tuesday


  1. Cara, How YUMMY they look. I want some. NOW!!!

  2. Me thinks, therefore I am. Me thinks I'm an eclair...

  3. :) next week I'll talk about the darker side of patisserie - the worker bees or 'slaves' they're called - expats who move to Paris to apprentice in the fine culinary arts and burn out.

  4. Do these blogs have a calorie warning? And that red one looks too good to eat. I've been to Paris and the population seemed quite slim to me - how can that be?