Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life everchanging

Iceland has recently landed the top spot for the safest countries with the least crime, yet again. It is thus doubly sad that only last week the Icelandic police were forced to open fire for the first time during an operation. Only under very special circumstances do they brandish weapons, outside of the standard club they carry in their belt. I do not think many people have been clubbed by the police through the years and most situations are resolved in mostly a peaceful manner.

But this recent incident was different. It involved open fire through a window of an apartment and at one point through a door leading out to the building hallway. One of the shots inside hit an officer at head level but luckily he was wearing a helmet. Another shot, out the window, hit one of the officers’ shield.

This never happens here. I do not recall a single incident where the police have been shot at. But nothing in life is stagnant and status quo does not exist, outside early 80s glam rock.

The standoff ended with the man being shot to death. Not really anyone’s idea of a happy ending but that was the way it played out. The man turned out to be ill and have dealt with psychological problems for many years. As is often the case for such patients his life had not been a bed of roses and various developments had lead him to act in the manner that he did.  All in all it is a very sad story for one and all. The victim and his family, as well as the police officers involved. On this everyone here agrees.

So a little bit of innocence lost, here from the land of ice and fire.

Yrsa - Wednesday

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  1. When I saw the photo at the top of your post it reminded me of the view from my Denver hotel window toward the Colorado Rockies. Then I read the piece and it reminded me even more of where I was...and of oh so much more of the US. So sorry. For us all.