Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas at Bon Marché in Paris

The Christmas windows at le Bon Marché are in full force. More tasteful and classic, I think, than Printemps this year. And their theme is shoes so that's a big plus in their viewing favor
Le Bon Marché, on le Rive Gauche, was the first ever department store and designed by Gustave Eiffel.  The lady on the right was at a tango concert and I couldn't help but snap her - a classique Parisienne who shops at le Bon Marché.

Inside they have a food hall that rivals Harrods and Mitsukoshi in Ginza

 Picture yourself emerging from the Metro on a brisk December Paris evening and crossing the small square to join everyone else oohing and aahing at the window displays that move up and down with mechanical gizmos. Flying high heels what's not to love?

Cara - Tuesday


  1. You do realize, Cara, that with posts like this you're wrecking my relationship. She's insisting on going back to Paris for Christmas...as opposed to Houston. Thanks :-P

  2. Promise her Xmas in Houston and take her to the SOLDES big sales in January - think of it as economical J