Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Empty headed (beats beheaded)

I was googling to see if I had previously blogged about the Icelandic Santa Clauses, i.e. the naughty Yule lads. I started typing: Murder is e…. The suggestions that appeared once the “e” was in place were the following:

Murder is easy
Murder is everywhere
Murder is evil

So we are sandwiched between easy and evil. And easy murder is more popular than evil. Which sort of makes sense if you are a murderer but less so if you are a reader of mysteries.

December is almost upon us here as elsewhere. In the southern regions of Iceland we have yet to see much snow and if I was to be consulted I would ask that it stay that way until the holiday season. It can remain until New Year’s Day as it is as much needed as a receptor for fireworks sticks as it is for festive atmosphere. After that it can go bye-bye as long as it is not replaced by cold rain, which is unfortunately the only likely alternative.

Weather is of great interest to us here in Iceland. It is a subject of discussion that never depletes and quite frequently used as a fallback topic in awkward situations. “I did not know your wife died. I am so sorry to hear that. Was it raining at the funeral? It feels as if it has rained constantly for months now. Someone mentioned that we are close to breaking the rain record from 1983.” And so on.

Since my mind is still depleted of any original thoughts since wrapping up my book – which is now on the shelves here and hopefully able to fend for itself – I could revert to discussing the weather. I am too wrung out to tell you about the Santa Clauses this week but promise to do so next Wednesday. But discuss the weather I will not. You have probably stopped reading anyway at the mere hint of me doing so.

For those that have endured I must sadly notify that it was not worth your while. At all. So to make it up to you I have decided to add a few photos that will hopefully make up for my lack of ingenuity tonight.

And for those of you who left messages last week regarding my little dog – thank you for your kind words. The stitches have now been removed and new ones put in. Stitches rev. 2 are a lot better that rev. 1 since they are no longer used to sew the eye shut, leaving him looking like some sort of voodoo doll. Now they are used to realign the upper and lower eyelid - separately  We are told it remains to be seen if he has lost sight in the eye. All I now care about is that he keeps it and does not need to have it removed. I don't think the zombie look of an exposed eye socket will suit him any better than the voodoo look he just got rid of. 

You see I know he is blind in the mangled eye. I got out of bed during the night and passed him fast asleep and snoring. Good eye shut. Hurt eye wide open.

Light obviously bothers this eye as much as it would bother an ear.

Yrsa - Wednesday

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  1. Yrsa, I will always stay with you till the end!

  2. You are just so funny, Yrsa. I missed you. No, I take that back: We all missed you.

    Welcome back from Rewriteville.

  3. Very sad about your little dog, but it appears that he got the best veterinary care possible.

    The photos are beautiful. What are they showing?