Monday, March 5, 2012

Paris quiz time

The other night I was at a 'mystery bookswap' at a great local indie bookstore - lots of fun! For a finale to the evening the owners conducted a 'pub quiz' on the swapped books series and characters. This inspired me to come up with a quiz for Murder in the Lanterne Rouge which pubs today!

1) Which building is the oldest in Paris?

a- the Nicholas Flamel house on rue Montmorency
b- the timbered building on rue Volta
c- both of the above
If you answer c you're right - historians continually argue over which building is the oldest - it's a toss up but records in the archives list both as the oldest remaining building in Paris

2) Square du Temple gets it's name from
a- a flower seller in the district named Temple
b- the Knights Templar
c- the Jewish synogogue nearby
If you answer b you're right - the square du Temple - now a park - is on the site of the 14th century Knights Templar former fortress

3) Where is the boulevard du Crime?
a- by the Seine
b - near the police Prefecture
c- none of the above
If you answer C you're right - at the turn of the century the boulevard du Temple was referred to for awhile as the blvd du crime because of the many theatres playing crime dramas on the stage

4) Aimée Leduc keeps all of these items in her purse except for:
a- Chanel Red lipsitck
b- computer encryption manual
c - red hightops for escape work
d - dog biscuit for her bichon frise Miles Davis
e - handkerchief
If you answered e you're right she wouldn't be caught dead with a handkerchief

5) Aimée Leduc has never driven
a - a moped through the Metro to escape
b - a bicycle
c- René's classic Citroën
d - a Segway in Montmartre

If you answer d you're right - she'd never be caught dead on a Segway. either.

This book takes Aimée back to the Marais, investigating in the oldest and smallest Chinatown in Paris set among 14th and 17th century buildings. I'll write more about the quartier next week meanwhile I'm getting ready for the road and hope to see you at a book event -

Cara - book launch Tuesday


  1. Wouldn't the Segway be a little anachronistic for Aimee anyway?

    Looking forward to seeing you in Sacramento at LCC. Had brunch with Don acid Jo Metz a couple weeks ago.

  2. Enjoy the trip. I know I'll enjoy Aimee once again.

  3. Charming ;) The oldest building picture is wonderful-and the very modern plastic bag carrying lady in the corner. I can't wait to get to this book!

  4. Great idea, Cara, and wonderful quiz. I got all but one right -- the blvd. du crime.