Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tick Tock

How can it be February 15th 2012? I just don‘t get it, last time I checked the new year had barely taken its first breath after having snuck up on the world without due notice. The only thing I am sure of regarding the calendar these days is that time gains momentum as the years go by. Maybe it has something to do with the writing, I find that the days, weeks and months since I took to this profession are on the side of the endless deadlines.

But being a writer sure beats being a fisherman.

I am going to India on Tuesday (by plane, not by boat). There I am going to participate in the first crime fiction convention ever held in New Delhi and I am very much looking forward to the trip. Correction, not the trip but the stay. Hopefully I will have something of interest to say next Wednesday as a result, - my string of deadlines are pretty much put on hold when abroad.

When I get back and have stayed a whole six hours in my country known for its "calm" seas I leave for Norway to attend a crime festival that I hear is the first in Oslo - this might be a misunderstanding related to me thinking that I understand Norvegian because my ancestors spoke it. But be it the first or the thirtyfirst it is being advertised on TV and in movie theaters which is something I have not heard of before. This is the trailer:


When I get back home I will start preparing for the next new New Years. It is safer seeing how time flies.

Yrsa - Wednesday  


  1. I really look forward to hearing about this crime fiction convention in India--sounds fascinating.

  2. Me too! By now you must own half the airlines in the world!

  3. I hope the first crime conference in New Delhi is not like the numerous biggest buildings in the world, i.e. that it is not the third or fourth such first conference. But I am sure it will be great, the preparations are very well done and the talks interesting. When I get back I am leaving immediately for Oslo for what is also the first crime convestion there. This is also prepared with gusto, there are even trailers in the movie theaters and on TV for it. I am going to try and add the trailer to the blog.

    And alas (or thank god) I don't get any shares in airlines for flying, just backpains and static/electrified hair.

  4. Wow, New Dehli!
    I had the pleasure of speaking in New Dehli once, but it wasn't at a crime fiction conference.
    I hope you'll have time to see more of that most wonderful country - and that you'll share some of your experiences here.
    Not to disparage the affair in Oslo. I'm sure that's going to be a humdinger as well, but I'd like to know the official name of the Indian event.
    There must, surely, be something about it on the internet.
    And I want to look it up.
    Please come back with several million registered readers for this blog.
    The subcontinent must have them to spare.

  5. I'm so excited. Whatever you write is terrific (and New Dehli and Oslo are in for a treat) but what really has me going is that you've discovered how to embed YouTube videos in your blog! I can only imagine what we'll be seeing from here on out...

    By the way, you should put a warning on the first one for the seasick prone:).