Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Lens Master's View of Mykonos

Yes, that’s “Lens” not Zen. 

Then again, both terms can be said to accurately describe the talent behind this sublime collection of Mykonos images by Swiss photographer—and mystery novel fanatic—William Griffiths.   William’s roots run deep in Mykonos and in these photographs he captures the essence of a place many think of as just one big 24/7 party venue. 

Whenever I’m asked what makes Mykonos special I always say it’s the Mykonian people, for somehow, amid all the in-season bustle of their island, they manage to live their lives in keeping with traditional ways.  But Griffiths reminds us that there is also a soul to the place separate and distinct from its people. 

I’m grateful to my friend for allowing me to post his copyrighted photographs (all are now on notice) and to see much more of his work check out William Griffiths’ website, The Dream Lives On

By the way, I thought of adding descriptions to the photographs, but decided it was better not to disturb this purely visual effort at giving you "a sense of place."  My contribution this week was in selecting the photographs to post out of the hundreds I was given...and believe me it would have been simpler (and faster) to have written a novella than play photo editor.  It ain't my skill set, folks.



  1. Wonderful collection. Your friend is very talented and does capture Greece apart from the tourists' spots.

  2. You have a fantastic eye for the pictures that show the timelessness of Mykonos. How long have men been diving for sponge?

    The colors are extraordinary. In real time, the white of the buildings must be blinding in the sun. The people living in the buildings that a pummeled by the ocean is a best of times/worst of times situation. On a beautiful day, the sound of the surf and the smell of the water must be incredibly distracting. Who would want to do anything but just be in that place? But in a storm, I can't imagine anywhere more frightening when completely at the mercy of the sea.

    The photos of the church and the windmills could be a scene from hundreds of years ago. The white buildings trimmed in those bright colors can only be Greece. The picture of the cat lazing in the sun is timeless.

    I don't know how you made the choices but you offer a gorgeous piece today.

  3. Thanks, Liz and Beth.

    Yes, I must admit that as long as it took--and it was much longer than I expected--I thoroughly enjoyed the time. I'm away from Mykonos at the moment (attending a family event in Pittsburgh--no more sports talk, that was yesterday) and running through the photographs recharged my Aegean soul.

    Funny about the sea and islanders. They respect it, but major storms do not frighten them. They accept them as a part of nature and deal with them by preparing. In fact if you want to know the best place to build the safest harbor, ask the fishermen, not the engineers...something a certain island's governing fathers have learned the hard way. Yes, the vistas are timeless. Let us hope they remain that way.

    On the subject of sponge divers, Beth, you've given me an idea for a whole new piece! Thanks.


  4. The blog is eating my comments. I thanked for showing us how beautiful Mykonos is and how talented your friend. I loved the white buildings, and the ruinof maybe a chiurch? And of course, the kitty.

  5. A lens master indeed!

    Absolutely gorgeous, and I just love that mix of white and blue.

    Must run off to tweet this post...

  6. Thank you. Lil and Dorte.

    Yes, the island is filled with whites and blues, and other colors that reflect the shades of the sea and sky at different times of day and season. William does indeed have a talent and he's emailed me to say how much he appreciated all your comments. He's way too shy to post that himself:)

    By the way, that church is not in ruin. It is really a combination of five churches going back to the 15th Century and is said to be the most photographed church in the Cycladic chain of islands.

    And yes, a kitty always steals the show.