Monday, September 26, 2011

Boucheron 2011

I’m in Rome. (Not New York. Italy.)
And too jet-lagged to write very much.
So here are a few photos instead.
All of them were taken a little over a week ago.
And in a place very far from here:
Bouchercon 2011 in St. Louis.

My wife, Eide, and some guy she met in a restaurant.

The Murder is Everywhere Panel. From left to right, Leighton, Tim, Michael, Jeff, Yrsa and Adrian Muller, our moderator. Adrian, for those who don't already know it, is the motor behind CRIMEFEST, held in May of each year in Bristol, in the UK.

My fellow Soho author, Stuart Neville, and I with our editor, Juliet, and our publicist, Michelle.

Bronwen Hruska, our publisher, is the rose standing next to the two thorns.

Yrsa, holding in her hands the head cheese she brought to accompany the famous scourged sheep's head.

Peter Rosovsky, author of Detectives Beyond Borders, making the acquaintance of the aforementioned Icelandic delicacy. 

Flanking Eide are the delightful Gottfrieds, Bill and Toby, of Left Coast Crime fame - who never miss a Bouchercon.

Finally, to rap it all up, and following a suggestion from Beth Crowley, of Murder by Type here’s a link to a short video of our Murder is Everywhere panel:

The audio quality, I warn you, is dreadful.
But I consulted Beth, and she said I should put it up anyway, because she thought some of you folks might like to see what we looked and sounded like.

The peal of laughter after Tim says the word “guilty” is from my wife.
She was sitting in the second row of the audience, holding the camera.

And is currently being very much missed by her husband, because she's almost 9,500 kilometers away in São Paulo.

Leighton - Monday


  1. Thanks for the pictures, and the video! The only thing wrong with it is it is too short. It is interesting to hear you all talk about your different locations, and the insights you bring. Your humor is wonderful.

  2. Leighton you may be jet lagged, but you are on good form.
    You used to have to declare any food products brought into the USA! During the UK's foot and mouth epidemic in early 2001 your shoes were examined, not for explosives, but for soil.
    Obviously Yrsa's sheep's head was not regarded as a food product or even an animal. ;-)
    Poor Peter looks very hungry.

  3. I am sure everyone who is a fan is really enjoying the glimpse of the panel discussion.

    The sheep's head is somewhat off putting. I admire adventurous souls.

    Eide's appearance matches her laugh - warm, generous,and open. It would be lovely to meet her as Bouchercon as well.

    Given the fact that the panel was in a conference room and that the participants had to use microphones to be heard by the audience, the sound quality on the video is better than one would expect. And flawed or not, it is better to have a look and listen than to not have it.

  4. Uriah, I can assure you that I never touched that loathsome skull and that it was eyeing me rather than the other way round.

    P.S. As usual, the new Blogger template will not let me post a comment, so I'm posting this anonymously.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

  5. Lovely photos of you guys, and I thoroughly enjoyed Peter and his little lamb :)

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